12 November 2008


American rights and The New Ecological Order

The trends of equalization often reveal the reasons it is favored by those who are less powerful in the natural world, in that it removes all factors of nature and enforces a positive feedback mechanism for all systems in which equality is enforced on the participants. Since natural existence is inherently unequal for reasons of necessary internal conflict, equality is even enforced on nature, often by symbolically converting woodlands and ecosystems into the sterile concrete jumble of buildings that look conform and pattern based to the average human. Equality hates nature, and aims to destroy it.

Justice, Nature & the Geography

In confronting this issue, one finds pessimism is the attitude adopted by most humans in the current time. Our earth is forever burdened and will remain taxed that is as part of a natural process that has evolved from the way species advance, explicitly using technology, and our demand for harnessed energy. Many of the products and services you use on a day-to-day basis cause damage to the earth in one way or another. This wasteful and destructive path is one possible aftereffect - which leads us away from the source of all of our values. There is no point in accepting failure, and it only calls us to combat against the future vision that remains.

Religion of nature

Society's concept of individuality depends on equality, which depends on an objective single point of positive valuation; the right of the individual to have the options necessary for self-determination is one of the basic rights of our culture. In the creation of this system from natural boundaries, a necessary goal of a society which values the individual, it is essential to make nature secondary and to relish overruling it. What comes of this is the wholesale abuse of natural ecosystems, animal and plant life, media and resources (air, water, earth) that has been commonplace since the industrial revolution.

If humanity, the voice, is transcendent with nature, anti­-natural – (e.g. distinguished by its capacity for separation, autonomy, identity, radical freedom) is not surprising that the militia draws guns to shoot the confederate person, who is not rooted in a community, when he hears the word culture. It is not surprising either that he would do so while preserving intact the love of another who shares his life. An attempt to cure the excesses of freedom and choice, and return light to its original state of natural and unitary grace is divine. The rejection of distinction, of one human being from another, of all human beings from nature, inevitably leads to extinction and extermination, not only in fact but by stoic principles. Such thinking is myopic and fatal. It is not enough to only think but as to act as well.

The influence of the metropolitans has grown overwhelmingly strong. Its 'pave and grave' culture is destroying peasant thinking, the rural lifestyle and patriotic strength.

Contemporary ecological discourse

after the onset of the age of machines, post-modernism arose as a fusion of ancient philosophies of blood and honor and modern philosophies of mastery of will and intent behind using various machines. Where previous systems were based on success post-modernism recognizes that pragmatically, that style of thinking does not integrate well with a naturalism in which the cycle of nature, and the overall product of a consistent, zero-sum environment that does not collapse from uniformity are the most important things to value.

Social-ecological harmony

In our current age, because of media washed stereotypes of patriots and a general rejection of activists, many downplay the importance of nature. This is a mistake. Preserving our environment is one part of this activity, but its counterpart is the encouragement of natural ecological harmony. Unlike other societies, the N.E.O. does not have a platform of loosely-grouped ideas. Instead, it has a central concept which brings with it a unique form of reasoning, and that in total comprises the belief system. The fundamental essence of this concept is collective cooperation with nature, and respect for natural life as holy.

Iron logic

The colonists were not much different from the Romans before them in that both regarded nature as the highest ideal and collaborator of humanity. Further, they were pantheists, meaning that heritage not lineage or "the world tree". Chaos theory has returned a new life to objectiveness – many religions have similar stories and lessons as well as being created from one another and created at the same time.

Jesus son of the Lord God was a carpenter who used tools and not weapons, preformed miracles and was a 'Jesuit' thought to have lived in the central latitudes. Thor, the son of Lord Odin wielded a hammer and not a sword and could perform miracles of health and destruction in the form of the elements was thought to have lived in the mountains. They are the thunder and the house.

As we look on our current time and reflect how disturbed it is, we should also consider the past and how our ancestors once worked within nature instead of trying to apply a human ideal to it in order to divide it into conveniently digestible concepts.

In all religious ways of life you are always looked down upon for destroying when you can create. Should it be Islam from a poet, Christianity from a dying man, Judaism from a man on a mountain and paganism from a scholar?

These are hypotheses of gods and signs of the universe as a whole.