12 November 2008

A Poem for the Blind . 6

I don't know why, we've never been, the ones we love
I cannot fly, I've only seen, the ones above
there is a fear, it's overboard, it's all the time
If it were clear, it all is yours, it all is mine

there is no place to be all alone, and free
speaking to be soneone else's ghost, underneathe

sickness the cure, we never sleep, running on the ground
hatefull and pure, peaceful to leave, try to keep them down
eye for an eye, bringing the fight, to make them a cry
life for a life, learning what's right, to make them all die

fitting in hurts you, isolationist
hoping they work you, try to find the one you need
first line of four, I don't care, take a crash, fall and shot
better than more,

have you seen this, it always seems, they fall behind
you are above us, the world is ine, they fall to us
I have not had, it's on the ground, I never stop
it's never mine, so take it back, so give it back

all that slows you down, what you've left behind
all you've seen before, what will pass the time
losing all that's left, is the end of life
showing me the way, you can watch me fly

mercy, landing on your feet first, rageahol
worthy, looking at what's left here, once before
honest, lovely that you met her, falling down
purpose, looking like you tried there, dying there

all on the ledge, turn'round, listens to wisdom
farther from death, rageahol, martyred love kingdom
wickedly rest, honest soul, less fire and calm
dead honest friend, perfect goal, isolation doom
better off dead, like before, reap who sees you soon
hacks like crows, kicking shoe, summer sands built dunes

life like fire in a room unexplained, burns down
trying water just to cool without aim, grows through
shelter ruined only you so untamed, runs around
shining through is the sun slowly plain, scorched earth

so far from death, on the ground, loving completely
die like the rest, loudest sound, listened to briefly
all of our health, dancing days, always of last week
watching the end, parasol, kingdom of your room
failure pretend, kill the whore, office of the doomed
this never ends, all alone, whatch who gets you through

wisdom, sending them back home, predjudice
cruelty, making them miss us, apathy
hatred, saying we don't care, ignorance
wasted, taking life nowhere, rageahol