12 November 2008

Hydrogen February

I can hear layers of humidity collapsing like thunder as well as I can see it travel away to surfaces far away and travel back a monstrous light wave that behaves like an echo. The air is chilled by the rains of the heavens without thunder or lightning, the valley usually has quite mild storms, and so a dry rest is an assured good rest. Years ago the light flashes of sonar hydrogen collision would have kept me up for ages. I imagine them as the now missing thunder. I enjoy them and find them serene and therepudic for the mind. I had not expected to find such the electrical weather but if I didn't, there mightn't be any chance to enjoy this trip/recon. after 20 minutes it could be compared to coherent sleep. When the precipitation terminates I'll continue the recon of the afore mentioned energy signiture I found .