12 November 2008

Prison Camp Homestead - Valor Prisma System - Nov. 13, 306203 - Mekwarrior Diaries

i't's still to hard to realize that it hasn't rained for days. outside this life there is only a house, not a kingdom, and yet we only starve for water. it is a luxury to alrady know what the pleasure of this life is, but how long will the peace keep? it only seems fair to let us live in tranquility, now that the entirety of the noiseless defense, they only describe as weapons. I just don't knkow how to accept it so soonly, finally deposited into my mind. It reminds me of a show that never existed called v. back home they only know we're missing. Not that we are gone, and this is the flood of a desert heat. drowning ambition with shiftless nightmarish hope, to drown the inspiration of the youth of our race. I think we know who the tyrants are, the members of the resistance work with the govbernment, and we all live like gods. and again I think Im agead of myself. somewhere, where there is no casts or classed of the demi-lords cant do anything but fly. this is allways for the peace almost a soldier class complaining they're servants. o'ermost the fact that the servants serve the servants has only brought to my attention that you cant kill a revolutionary if you kill a revolution. In the paper I saw a picture of a city of gold when I had a revelation. If only mechanics were run by the mind. if we all could communicate by telepathy or a mentally connected world wide webe there would only be one language so therefore until a unified language has been established you could just as easily show a picture of what you wanted if you picked up a new word here of there you would become to be a carrier of all languages and create a grand culmination of language to be manifested ito a language of convenience, or: an assimilation of this language may take affect. several cases of genocide will occure if this is the exact, factful, instance. to make room of course. taudry and tactful opinion asuredly agree with only reference of past, similarily, eventful truths. they make good point. and unoticed for the causuality of teleportation, you must have a perfect secondf in frozen time. the evidence of evidence, described as the emotion, love; none-the-less moreover the facts and ever so unlikely less of the well known truth, I urge you.