12 November 2008

death valley

to meet him
i memorized
myself and you
trial run perfect
error truth

didn't time die
real total
high sex
this morning
all around me
it's okay you

life is only one
a dream and the day
we're only haunting
imagining degridation
make sure
to note your
freedom from
what we create

three love a sold
a hidden down
all about
cold in november
this is mine
only lists one
woman takes
down worlds
old truths
accusing accusition

space is
blank and cold
forever children
childish eyes go
isnt the law
what I am
I could write
well enough
for action
a mans name
for a place

the third is intense
we all can calm down
what is here stabbing
perfect nothing
true loeve song killed
and you are the devil
or his magistrate

fall enough for the flames
curses and
enough for bad rhythyms
anybody like me
I am healing
wounds of lying
truth is only I
lie I lie ohh
i dont have faith
in all above end
up below