12 November 2008

from camouflage to flight attack patterns

The land is subject to nuclear winds, which I couldn't realize because I didn't take modern electrical geology.

I't turns out that the supply transport led to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere with only a couple of dozen gaurds for one fatter leader. The species, a formidable and seemingly stoic reptile (2-3 meters tall) seems to eat nocturnal subteranean communal omnivore rodents with little vitalogy utilized from the lower brain, though holgraphic antimatter scans show complete potential of it's coherency, the highly territorial / antiscavenger reptiles survive on a bartering system based on food and a simple if not archaic comprehension of man-at-arms combat and armoring. they very unaware, they play chess and do amphetimines in the desert.

yesterday's sanity - create a visual entourage withstanding isolation psychosis.