12 November 2008

Privada - 1 & 2

-i might have written this down as something else already

in the salt covered desert very near the tree that grows dead, and views from it's base like veins that grow into a blue sky sits a bird that views a cursed earth in a limitless valley surrounded by mountains that do not recede. the sky is cool and filled with storm clouds that fall over the mountain tops. with a crack and thunder of one strike of lightning the storm falls away. the last of the immortals trains here practicing dive rolls and posterity while the crows fly overhead waiting for him to die.

white light blinds and overwhelmes while all the sound fades.

(in a large club kitchen)
(private conversation)

the man offers advice to benifit focus for the immortal who is younger in appearance. the youthful immortal procedes to tell of his experience in the desert and lastly relaying his fear of what would become of him if a conflict had arose
-man: and what if they found you
-immortal: ...it wouldn't happen, it was at the end of time