12 November 2008

Post Apothecary

Space Pilot
Location: Drifts
The drifts meet the shore like a beach with no sand and there is ice so I presume the water mass is frozen solid so the chilling caverns around a quarry. a large open-air portal(window), offers viewing of the ice lakes surface without being on the planet surface and shows no signs of regular use as a passage and partially blocked seemingly as an impromptu effort to refuse some of the cold air gustings from the shaft/passage. The cold reminds me of an abandoned salvage ship with many unlikely conditions and settings for a location that has been deemed a low priority material extraction nessesity. and I haven't replaced biographic sensors because I had my hull reinforced and detailed. all scanner results inform that biopoison levels are at minimal under .01% and I've seen no sign of recent tracks. Ahead as well as behind are icy corridors.

In my most recent scan I've discovered the planet is covered with geothermal routing specifically passing more recent standards located in a smal vicinity distanced 13000 km from campsite 3. En route.