12 November 2008



with a coalition in the house I have no home
get a job shoot yourself go get a loan
cryptic writing on the wall I made myself
I'm for sale I'm taking a ride with my lesson

loser has a home with my best friend
she was in with me I am not for sale
you are fake and taking me home
love me promise I hope I'm dead

watching the world never wanted you
in my place the world of grey
see your friends make the day alright
everything is on softly away

you get a good start if you're screaming at first
keep your field goals I'm in there somewhere
aren't I the only one get inside to one
everybody is drinking all over there

lay the clouds across the earth
take us away if you're you watch this face
I love you and I don't know why I need you
poems are the other life of me

how long will I wait timeless missing meter
fuel in the ear telling all the ways to win
hello I am your neighbor and not a fool again
like your bible made my posture
music made the monster closer
liars made the castle we had to make the gate
I am but a sailor sailing on his way
liar has a bullet think about the rain

just the time a soldier woke up did you bum
ride the train after I've started
heavy is the head that wears the crowns away
and i could help you rearrange your grace
hello I'm in the song away
this one has a bullet I'm singing it to you
so what i have before do it again cry
this is a line and this is the place everyone is you