12 November 2008

The Book of Counted Sorrows

Dead, end of life
the dogs of war have no new members
Fly, spontaneous blight to earth to curtain
through the trails to leave the ground
be a good man to your home
and let god pass over you, your faith is man
dream, a dream of open pasture, you are
were, you lithium be head that hurt
her name. only,
a tool would have been appropriate
thorough, clean the world 6 & 10
that, we were in trouble living & being supernatural zone logorithm
worse, you are worse than before
why dont we test the level, zone
i dont need to give a test, even though they had done nothing to him
wheres the infamous look
style looking for mates
thrived survived the test of time
a factory, nourishment for friends with the options
dear god, he'll find me cowering like a child from aliens
choking on my own stifled scream
in a cold sweat
all dignity lost in the desperate struggle to survive
untouched and alive
earned to create and thrive
synesthesia was there hope
when their enemies came from denning
prior to the storm the hammer falling
the surpirise strikes your focus
without an option made satisfaction
allready judgeful statement
the eye of turin, bleed, have, you,
wont apprentices campaign
aluring wisdom of meditation
the death will come to me and i will cut him
he'll come stop dreaming
there when I, judges night galore
masters give warning like signs in the sun
did you
hot heat, ludity lucidity
youthful angst came treachury and tragedy
forget about greif, forget about justice
offer quarter until my feet are warm again
and later you can have my life
satisfying god fears me, knowing soldiers can walk
choice asking what will happen
enjoy, love pasion or a double-tragedy
live infamously feeling emotional statements
god or not let me live , god or not let me live in the deep
fear possesion save lords of manors
rage fury hatred fear and loathing, anger passion commision
dragon myths flying forges weilding armor
tree of health with medicinal seed
dream monitors from fearing facts
your vessel is lore or a script of peace legend and mythu
forever infidelitous marvel, astound me
intense strategical working adult trenchman
next to growth of eden
know faithful knowledgewalks with snakes
quicker than himself the devil could do good
walking on white water, the sky of avalon
melancholy the pure-angel could kill
porcelain skin the witches thought spirit call
experience sensation and lust important
to a virile power child breathtaking this side of paradise
killers self-unaware of their lineage from systematic rhythm