12 November 2008

Bar in the Wall

One time I was all alone underneath
Sunshine time to rule the throne
release demons of eternal glare
my song ruthless treacherous devil
not once but twice I ruled the world
so many guns the way to prosper
mancow took out b&e on my pedal
the best song ever who is god
have I met the sole that rests
remember you had received the pass
how so is it hant ruly to grade thyself
I am the man who wrote alluredly
The summer dragon watches
People know of crudeness and manipulation
turned off by death, you fall to fly
I kill you to spit on your mausoleum
Brood of the tool that burned you
Pain, suffering, cleanliness, burdening
pain that hurts falling in love
tracers sliders swinger children
dead end kids sports bad tips
general public drunk among prisoners