12 November 2008


Deep in the forest of the darkest mind, I see what is expected, but the soul who rules will not let me leave. If I find antother mind, it appears to be a way out, but it is empty and an obstacle in which oppression is building a wall of emotion, even in the greatest surreality, no creator can even imagine the extent of the power of creation. Boundaries are fathomless unless expressed by wisdom and speech is only a purveyor of unintelligence such as a tear in the bindings of the rules of a paradox. A hatred may take shape in such places like this. Profoundly lost and confused, this anxiety may follow in to the depths of one's own personel hell, deliberateley acting as the only expert in a surrounding of fantasy, creating superstition and fear

use an instinct for distrust and a result for each action. Count the step accurately from inside the solidarity and perfection of time, because ignorance is bliss and we're all just smart enough to be miserable. If you cannot see a perfect second in frozen time. Imagine them all togethewwr and get what will not reveal from others. If it is a nation, ignore. or distract by flying over head with the answer. perserverance is only the manifested actions of hopeless determination, motivation, or a goal of thers. In control there is no way, in an inspiration there is a choice which will lead you to a tangible walk of life. No one is more grand than you for we do not have sould unless we have a mind. there is no after life for servants though. In fact the gods live among us and we are their children,. craving like vampires in the middle of a war, hating the solitude we awake to find a life in a world a day away from the day before. however long the incremental standard of time may be, out actions disregard the measure meant of life and out discriptioin is antother action from a seperate or possibly opposite distinction

with tragedy ther is all that is lost because it was left behindf and what you see is what you leave behind. only the blind see life in the perfect of space, lie in the stratosphere naming it anything is only calling it by name.