12 November 2008


I wanted your face
you have a usual horror of marking time
we will love no one so cold and penetrating
soulds of the ghost will take away to see patronage
can the man make his phone call
we know about our gifts turn this event of fear
delicious tumor enlarges fear again
I take everything fine but don't talk you will fall
I died when I was done before I graduated
our faces get harder if not right now if not right now
oh I didn't know we had a problem mX fX
there goes her pen and my hand you can look around
by now at best it near your view of space
in a bar dying men talking about the reality of stories
and their conpanions friends even our math
murderers in the streets find the words to fit
this acid wash out this song is cool partying
the dump throw it our lies soil ground lies
light on a wall than a darkerwall corner