12 November 2008

The Massacre Obituary

It seems like the rest of the times I lied to stay alive
I could make some excuse to a blonde movie star who just seemed to fit in too long
when I take off my hat the ashes fall
I suffer from paranoia claustrophobia and can see into the future
I hold a candle to a mystic and see a happy face that should be callous and dry
my best comprehension of the things I have said comes from actions of man
tho they have nice cyx
I am deterred and argue losing track of who opposes my faith
the war-game has blown men over my head
i have met deranged men climb up discourteous canyon walls
and hunt the bladed hunters one by one
the feigning monsters will die before my long arm of the lost
I leave tribulation to those who hunt for sport and sometimes taunt their young
leave no life behind
I walk through walls and over streets through storm and the massacre wind
praising truth for redemption to riots
i fail addiction because i can't remember how long I've known it was suicidal
or when I began,. sleeping in death or lying to an archangel