12 November 2008

The Re-Infiltration 2901 - Mekwarrior Diaries

At first I thought of bracing the field around the ship during what might be called evasive maneuvers. The engine containment is a compartment forged from Luxury Metals-(monetary amounts used throughout the federated planets as a unified currency; also in jewelry for the wealthy), reinforced by super phonic mounts (the beams of pressure created by sound waves used in vertical Tele-lifts. After being fatefully compelled to push my vessel's velocity well past LS: 0.5 worries of hull stress or fractures, system failure by iotricleric core breach or vaporization from soft spots from some unforeseen variable in the shields, time yielding, I've imagined and now intend to design and build a hyper-ballast capable of producing a continuous phase variant shield as oppose to the now current Projected Defense Shields that are used the same all through most barracks and criminal confinements. I intend with phonic mounts tuned to intensely hold together with the pressure of a low class concussion beam in consistent measures to focus and contain particle emissions. All of this is in my notes which are to one day be used for my Manicore Patent.

Right before I'm put on the cover of Metro-Technics and Avimat Weekly on the same day.

I'll be on leave for a while. At least 2 weeks.