12 November 2008

Poem for the Blind.4

Ardent spirits lay waste to the druids of march
I explore a vast darkness with no home to speak of
From a cliff I understand the journey of light
Nothing below, behind, or above

Flawed desire for envy make training the flaw of heroes
Fighting through options I remember wealth
Without ground I search for the friends and foes
Implored to find one under health

A friend tells me an old story to pass the time
Through the desert, faster than man
Long after many die from fate of peril's design
Fearing company i train the best i can

On salt covered sand I run and dive without fail
On cursed earth in the company of my head,
In a fight against time I fear my kind tell tale
Your god would wonder why they are not dead.

The minds eye on task seems in retreat
Birds watch me cooled below dark wings
Spirits rushing by in the wind spare heat
Solemn without sound a cage bird sings

The friend would not understand their errors
I wrestle fate around the baked desert tree
My kind are distant but stronger than my terrors
Not the rain nor my maker sets me free