12 November 2008

Top Ten Reasons We Can Enhance Your Athletic Career

1) Speed and Agility Training: In the World of Sport - speed is King. Sport can be explosive but it can also be unpredictable, multi directional, lightning fast CHAOS! It's not just about linear speed, it's about rapid, split second changes of direction! Are you ready for it? Slow athletes stay on the bench - explosive athletes make the plays! You can never be too fast

2) Maximum Endurance Become a conditioned performance machine. Enter the last stages of a game KNOWING that there is no way YOU will run out of gas. You know the feeling of being bent over gasping for air, hoping that the referee will call "time" soon? Our athletes don't!

3) Flexibility: Muscles work best when they have an optimal "length-tension relationship." Any deviation in this relationship can result in anything from reduced force output, a reduction in strength, speed and endurance to a serious injury.

4) Postural alignment: Posture is defined as the position where movements initiate from. Many athletes exhibit postural imbalances. Boxers and wrestlers for example, frequently have rounded shoulders and forward head tilt. When posture is not optimal, you are already beginning from a weakened position! A good strength and conditioning program should include corrective exercises to maximize your body's ability to perform.

5) Muscle imbalance correction: The body is a single system – not just a series of muscles. These muscles work in a linked system – a chain. It doesn't matter how powerful your strongest muscles are – it's the weakest link that determines your success as an athlete. Eliminate the weak links and dominate your competition.

6) Periodization: Periodization refers to the planning of training. It is nothing more than delivering optimal performance when you need it. Results by design, not by coincidence.

7) Optimal Body Composition. Whether or not you need to lose excess body fat, make a weight class, rapidly increase strength and muscle mass or just want to 'look the part' we'll deliver a body that can perform as good as it looks!

8) Strength enhancement/refinement: When all else is equal, the stronger athlete is victorious. The key is to develop the "real world" strength that the athlete can actually use in sport, on the field and in competition, not just in the gym.

9) Injury prevention and career longevity: A solid physical preparation program will drastically reduce all injuries, increase performances and lengthen careers. The scientifically prepared athlete knows no limits.

10) Recovery Enhancement and Nutritional support. If we can recover faster, we can train harder and be a winner more often. The body does not respond merely to training – it responds to recovery FROM training. The bottom line: Stronger, healthier athletes win more often, and stay at a high level of performance many more years than do their improperly trained opponents.