12 November 2008

{From the flatlands to suburbia.}

Migrant Acolyte Laborer. Research of public record has not been seen of specific interest to me. I insist it's knowledge be recognized as a regular navigation link in header/upper portion of myspace.com/mjbanks as search systems more for public record and not affirmitave action senarios

Purity movement: , reduce reuse recycle + communally structured education practices in public school. Democracy's weakness is to pay to put them in rows in a school.


and states of our federal republic will hold a balance in the Union ((Underground) good band). federally funded educational institutions can be funded by current tarrifs. a resolution must be made to brighten and yet still educate our children of today. their days to endure suffrage of college, a state education forum, funded by federal financial budget market allowances(resource yield & supply(s&d?)to educated pre-tuition support yielding more tax dollars to universities