12 November 2008

North Black Canyon

a long enough walk and the seeds fall around them
I'm so sick of coffee talk that the stairs have teeth
you have found me where the ashes burn
the leaves fall with fire burning through
from the core they burn
within the center of loving greed and wind
to make a nest for sin and treason
in a dark hallway I cry becuase the sound of falling pipes brings fear
into hell again
I lock the door from my side to release myself into anther corridor
in the dark i wish to escape not explore
a pictures worth, a 1000 words
on a sunny day i would eat under a tree
and dream of a statue of a reaver
nearing light to be reached is a monolith at a water temple
worn, rusted, dark and damaged
the light is not the end but the begining
my memories torn from my spine like heavy strings with low tones
during the sound of an opening door back and behind me
in the distant, dark, unforboding tunnel
it is no time to dream when the lights go out
escaping where freedom waits with open arms and misery reminds you of home
memories of success bring your revelation
torn from a dream