12 November 2008

die auf Papiersteuern


Wake up as 1

Dear goodnight – this is good and getting better

Job its does world the and don't the me love the do we like feel you do man the catch will the usually dead already I'm ask to need no friends have I but computer a it called once I worst the not it's and before all it heard I've done is day the behind stay better done I'm when it use I'll wrote I what reading quit I run them make and patience your take but stole I and here you're here's you killing still I'm young too are friends my begging

The damage you can want me make not high us give wont down upside be shouldn't they kindling blood richest of baby robber a me call not do child dunce a always is this sick me making is this random of book my is this two one side out is world the one had we and there is she fire leave cigarette a letting fries French for listen times many too called had she above heavens the at cream done had we of day call prison a have ever you do books in puzzles did all they jail in was he when remember

No hair to hair no had she and you for hair was hair every hair my lose me made nirvana hair my cut to going was I

At we are where you of race of frightening note have you stealing I am again out get will we rest of much not god not am I wicked the and righteous crooked cricket a home have I hello taste we package a have I sing things these ghost a is this green a most all it's you had I and do I what is this waiting no space question alone wake had fire wide world chant a clown take rise late loud home ride a stealing obnoxious loud defense your of write fame am I me hate is wealth common martyr wide world martyr a of slave language not am I dentist the seeing writers are we seeing taxing is are we and side out here over is loud is fame page 32 of murder

Pollution wont he wont home get don't he rain the under cross lies rafter my in hanging hello everyday never you grave open night is day every day every pile the with smell the run concept the it title yes page the up filling I'm god tree the from take as from it take game the of name perfection on creeping taking I was one which

People these sleep to trying I'm tight of arrest the learning up fuck the shut grain a is what over is she dike a is mother again up exist wont I said mother out is off prosper wont I said mother her blocked I back this read I will down upside food free is lord good out laughing money skillet family brain all has possession martyr a baby a out pass regression up puke will you him better a am I plan the of rest the miss I smoke didn't you hunger I have already papers no late to up stay I of walking have I mother yes would he think you did

Feet can we then for good hello dollar the yes long out loud the good prey hunting are wolves the cry the off with had deal a maybe curtain selfish the for thank one for number perfect the run and ought and takes crazy running out I'm thanks crazy out one for one give 23 give let or gone going still California from bad I'm to

Tower control the keep upstairs someone left I falling were husbands their grey to compulsive dying or laughing we are doing peers my are how voice of motion down counting letter paper scissors rock firing out come children above notes of commotion us among peace silly be don't flying are they course of birds are neighbors the general watch your have I do wont you not food endeavor forever am I good so far so always planning of lesson the circle Martians for enough is twice waiting forest the in were we pen blue flowing a use to had

Shame cause I of from be under cause mood to my live to give I word one stepped she you are what rationing the big hello one same the isn't this bet better in never was price a on and on all we on and own

Over and out kill side out at up kill someone kill stories my murder song long too eyes my in was it adverts said food your chew day all special I what eat and pause black light down run cake fake fear and love order side good this loose always will I stars paint will colors storm the much as friends faith shot one or on massy for destroy define focus disposed buckets rising wings check skies the filling are we open argument into dispute plan every settlement a over probably sickness homework

Know I cause make I do what you for make I good steal to right the is now hay was I were new jerk solo me make you thank never to want didn't was I before it heard I've and it know I and mine is line this you thank and games bad there over pen the hold to how spelling of jurisdiction the way the on is help time every more for made scrutiny third on third is this 6th the is drinking

Ceiling the off getting – yodot

Will medic the is this see couldn't I today tired I'm when off them take at one every is where reading for just heart the in space lords the of power the has scribble head egg a is my disgrace and scrutiny of years sides a take life's low stabbers back crutch a have I feels art never dollars we every of all and am I you are her ask could I

You window the blue of colors out fade and metal of made lighter pocket a had discussion for pictures taking path the down the for high water on high water on high of picture this for need I who has he and sound cross head over on was he voice my me for this of thought I mind to comes second a only far this get to you need I did go I'm okay that's the for rest our him give him thug took one some and for just long a all it had I and then nothing course of long this out hang you did

Here of our away for looking I'm and there isn't day the and pen my is this and long is day the this in paper those makes those makes who joker private write I what over shadow weed the dog the is shit clinical you of dreams broken your when me kill you past my in have songs and this for enough just is three have I have I have I and ours is day the god good and grades getting 9/9/99 on write didn't I

Here from away walk would I goal the and wizard the and wizard they go let all grace common discussion last know I that all from away take to time here from away take for time religion bad


His and grey beautiful and tisk risk to dying I'm hello room the I'm down you took I hook the running I'm hello front in seat the for good work of place a of know you up restraint a in particular a watching of pressure the of pleasure the wanting was I and much too is day the take wont my bad too brick tall weird the on want I as back come she'll maybe – miles tracked back punish children good sun our in glisten and much too enough read don't at I'm where night late

The read who little white little a this focusing we are run to okay all we are collision a have we did lie a relive don't so survive still I do you hate I remember see I what with like I which everything have I hide I soul no have I inside me make to way a is right choices doing is everyone too will I you hate I line first the am I out drop containers lid hinged large way every in your

Clean 12 the had never muttered never mattered never you in back run the put go to place good a and grace a good maker the meet will group the not I'm no why ask sky the in write could I maybe go to place no had she good pope the with dinners had never space book good a had never will I

Run I time every space door next man a knew and grace is this died she where space the is here run the have that and this of world hello back it took it like I but

Bored card credit the earn have you away run a take and truth the of wonder no had she and father a had never he line whole the up fills ever what dollar a dream the about how dollar the about how dollar the away the keeps bullet the is it year the for perfect is this and off came roof the and in fell walls the always is the load with gun has guy this wall the long is day the 5-9 sale with line better a before had I and down walk ending better

With away x4 take better you away2 sound the take anything sky though straight wasted and never say never will you and truth the tell tale whole the tell far and out in hello bye good hello song wrong the wrote I guess next the and next the for space the was I ever thing for want no had he and explosion the is glorious how counting on kept I 2 1 baseline the for violence grey the end girl the end for grey in grey in far soldier the help same the stays name the

Man a but dollar a is sound steal I what day the list love away far fate our singing realigned filth sentimental girl dead living go we here listen wouldn't faith through we're away go you for honesty of away life tamest the miss plate the out rock down comes love game the winning had never babies for honesty of say form and blanket the kiss die and out go luck no have will he winning of fear end and star super Christ anti star super jests sweet so your and awake stay to reason a or hand your need don't I

Hands my needs who today mine getting away always was I there was I in me let to able be time a of hell a have will we and anarchy and faith of kingdom the belittles and degrades dialect visions world better this seen I've this seen I've hello this need you if 1 the over is way the on love to me teach will he and life his at eating is man other the and creation for solution enough potent a is air the done you finished your when place this of presence the about write to time it's

We us another us you us me about cares fuck the who you but else one no and them named I where some you mind way the create will one no have we ever what and children no have we for idea an from help need I and said you what is one no stealing I'm time every illusion is bringing am I what for time my and me against a be always will song the thought always I hung-over cares who

Way the not run and wall the up pump heat lethal street lethal night last drunk was I cause just myself repeating I'm me touch you if ever and away ends never luck bad the why you why you question a for just through needing and you owe I because clue a rhyme the lost get day the watch to stopped just my

Step last your is 9 cloud police linear fits it where see you do generation third the creating earth on hell of right the giving walk will ghost the now so do we as earth the walk will we as antichrist the spawn will spawn his choice his of demon the house his in him with sleep to take will earth being as called be to hell of reign in king the now lord our of servant a once book the in Satan door third

Scared now am I 33 of age the to lives he wonders his from side a kin immediate without is he of his of faith the spread to grows child the conception immaculate gives merry virgin the vanity sends lord the media trinity holy the message his and father his with one as earth the walked near antichrist daughter and son devil the last goes title 11-3

Dash drop for don't but grail the 9 open lost just bikers amphets needs oppression the of laws wall the off run page whole welcome your rules night leave tall behind left is point showers April Vegas world the day every day the man good do we if what do I if what water the drink compensation experiment be will here steal I if might the day every purpose turning the love for entry wont I and cant she and space empty an place your in and relief comedic

Faith being have only the turning was it way the thing turned I if you wait will we and did I fact some in memories not I'm illiterate you are new something is page every page this like is life okokok space the if sense no makes me to sense no makes more this all one only the only the if the let the make here be to all right it's so guess I that is ok if sense is hole listening already I'm away go pretend to have I yet not

Diner at you see off piss soul his dam shop smut shit of piece cheap that him miss will we watched when funny was but cheap sold porn bestiality of collection his seen ever I've fucker skull bear polar best the was he ass plastic with fun his and display on are that toilets public in shitting about antics boy rude his miss I'll but died he that fact the hate I complains and animals with sleeps he because zag hate I

Fields faith day protection weakness Tuesday to wanted moon child my door the let phone the one only the I'm and picture a have we that and this like room a had a could we when before like I said until it need don't sex lay I where right me fuck knuckles brass insults of end the all of end the way the am I here but stopping I'm why find cant I face take only the not were commando were if I'm if N-37 your if

Will and pen the have I could I what did I over times thousand a wish your grant I me in you for hear finally I'm ok choice your as same the is this same the is this away prove to chance my is this me with run and aged go day the take I need I and want I and have I but try ill but other no have I track the run tower a build river the in was I name the know don't I and ages the of song the lines with poem had you that thought local head of pres is fetish ring as his or as by cyx inflate to tries he when hate I gone eyes his with wounds gene form house a in dies he hope I a like sounds and circus a like looks he of tongues in speaks I priests by being after sore more wretches and monsters house a for cursed is he disease a wound a is

Brain your wish I thoughts these then open high are you do know never you what north song another angel write cant clean time general theme open apparel the miss denial in wither switch open burned churches the never on front off didn't I backward you that is 1 place my me give seat it's me without leave don't in collar saw I ways wrong follow church moans light day stole I faded on waste the far want I tide in fake was deal the want I trouble my are you heave I mess a is place my plan his see to hope god of grace the reclaim me it's practice fun

Me for brother another bring will I brother daughter and son mothers here is name you awake other no like you kill will I here is name your awake me for sad never 3 faded open you know I and awake comes it here you know I and awake me for waste is space lover tired room colored you in love in madly me for was is war level your in love with fill all it will dream lovers your in it saw play to one the be must is it here another make I will fortune you fade mask this with level the to it took liars love with fill all it will you not its but you not its but gun tired

Dive to fear the fly to fear the shore running alive love the straight dive to time the bang late too him poisons helpless another if and street begin another am I space this for ok its bones of lucky would people ones it with fire on where sky wax sex the if trees for sun holder window a outside stars candle hall no had room the ideas more ever I'm and light the of courage the hears at foe or friend cpj

Least not but last death goes title face sir man psycho silence in around not Is name my dollar dirty ass failed for rich takes all loud reaper the for tall bud loose all loud reaper agent sender for blown own transporter 2:99 eyes check you damn purpose a curb that's light high only wire show doesn't face fakers cup water to awakes noon face to hands actual alarm no sound born tired the police no song siren the from away one only the ones the for believe to go fall the in cloud a heard you for just space leaving true but sad grey faded shops surf white amber yes and red orange twilight faith my fill end it for coming does amber is day your if even death wind the before face sinners my see fallen thrill

Vacation church night the for eve time obsolete shine and rise fear vacation begin river all love but river cry don't low is low is place low is world the in sky the chill the water the of top the drawn surface the pond the awe in and over be to want the is bad to terrorize ear the all years them for train the is and was detonate run the diet retro vacation eagerness work my down low the getting old title a of fun the forgot think could I if to went for she is of hate

Weak one freak scream burned was the tight wash white the fate no wish had I died killer shut up code die dollars 4 hear the learning over stay head my in is heart my sun the heart your road the did so and died trouble the name your home go when life that is tune that name 5 of lines the up count 1236 fill start inside was I magic sex sugar blood proposal indefinite meaning I'm run home book different a in wrote &nd went

Away done I'm guess up caught or up got I damn down al it wrote I school for saved space clown yet not pattern pray to come wont I dead I'm cares who have I who first the and note the alive quickly did I close alive comes this took music love I not I'm damn god one American novel wrote room she all that's room say cant a it and it need writers the cat running music the hear you can't complete job

Me and me particularly you make couldn't I team whole the for base this like I sarcasm winter indoors garages no floor a howl you but anywhere local crash like don't police friend jump patch space this type did I later took one this and of mates going you where dude pulp up radio damn the turn this like hear cant I

Love screaming not I'm so above from helped I'm what above from help I'm what above from helped I'm so fringe your with ripples water burning still stand walls the break to it about think going I was where you hate to grow will we and bread will we get they bigger and today plays the checked was it give you pain the blood wrong the death this you life vampire

Wired own mine and mine but in way losers the have didn't I home get to way no polite versa vice jetsam flotsam slalom in vanity punk only the up planned is who the timer box my in cross the up gets food mine is choice the name my hi where place bass in devil out devil title for out and 1 over 7 bridge the cool title the tight kids your made you book old mine is weeds the memory term short my intent the specific at nature war with step to I am here god am I problem the was what

Tyrant a am I you hate I you gun a buy go pool island shrouds no paper once here died suffrage his and boy a you love I god a ranch independent guy foreign monster wrath alien little a and war out boot animal open last here walk will shit of sorts ever tractors a is TV my all challenge your in you voice my had I and omen my you kill to of center church the kill to cross the who's blacks dead fire cross for cross blunts mess own fear here only day the wake can still words same the wr4ite still can I good

Here your and black to fade to have I what be can letter each riddle the love cant I it like I and book the of lines to down guilt willing pure me gave you unfortunately glove the fit perfectly ears faded only light no is there but dawn was once devil the of faces dance or ace of production rhythm

Bull spit not I'm no fake I wait and line the give I other no please and take I why you give I this with alone time this take will I steal don't I no here I'm have you everything floor your on lie me let please vanity alone me leave recognition for try usually one last the was where take

6 under 10 hatter mad squirrel these harp march Alice 6 5 change me on all its 70's the boss am I out white people airplane hat top Satan teacher crooked me plan to one no hand you off the shake trees maple castle oak murk dead swamp the is here train the pulls he I and myself me am I slay dogs on play bitch mellow pollution this of corner the at glance a

Day the much to steal illusion for train the up back I and spot old the have I myself by it do to weak to I'm air this for charge wouldn't I away fades told as stamps beat the have I ok drunk I'm if often pictures took me but man pump no mirror gas place your in lover faded cause will no away run but do we what and dollars million a for books the in 123 hat to learn hate indispensable of record the off is day this

Friend me feel here take not should I him why play lets is break cant you linear said he time dream your into top on all ruined was I and myself my regurgitate trick this ass high or me or me write for down get word problem you die don't twice his long target self my at I how down this turn now persecution of free me get and come to peace blooded cold the me bothering is all at nothing everything have I

Sorry I'm up back up back get I pace better the is this him on up got we what rival the with dreaming for dates pages couple a here right stop don't dime the got you ladder the up far how noose abide I'll back the abide and help to better be would you or manners my or consciousness my not becoming is death cry laugh and people pitiful your in happy but sad not blue deep but half not going keep

Rocks mouse and cat ground back a lake a tree a told stories yourself on search screaming all it dead they cool soak stuck child womb the in people the fly pope the beach the to back Pulitzer many how the by bigger spaceman times high up fucked all it cut I'll tape loneliness is

Book in bucket a it's I am where den the to back hills those beyond there over floor that on child a as old not I'm know children the letting not sin my greed for day good a celestial actually ear my in shade the in you for not page a good to listening just I wasn't' why haven't in axe the with guys these or anyone or house old the of offspring as intermittently love professing shade the in is truth the crown the leading old

Taxes billed and fine county get and Normandy at stereos car steal people wouldn't why way this be to have don't doze of one pure grade a but size a not page the on bug a for traded CD cake old an perhaps door my at he's think I him find can't you and dream poets scrapers sky me for summer cruel nature school wont this and not I'm god whose and high boys my at it where's fields the of brother happens what there out watch you

Corner the in glimmer ghost life what (confuse?) will stripes a store addiction the has woman American one are we forever stripes and stars baby union long so day the is why new something reevaluation quality concrete prey on fade to time my o flash and crash reality glamour witches good as ghosts union electricians the check reference ghost holy the up line a title no page good why du

Dark the to back no career a good get ship apprentice jokes from a front back I'm if broke I'm credit on one get you home go I and confident grey summers the for lazy I and day the weather any weather any clouds sky waves ocean many how I live I how of truth the here die I would week a day one

The of end the at right part you're here's already is night the song this write don't words when world this in same the feel I feel you way the it is him like nothing your if okay be will friend your feel can I yes can I all you give I'll and here is this cold who is cold it's morning the in 200 at song better a write to time do we like feel you do you me show world the is outside smoke you on spell mine is this convinced I'm you like nobody

All them tell friends clear not I'm and clarity your of ask to time the needed I've will I ask to need don't I house this in up smoke the sell o time the time of opposite the is mind the early its to need I had I've try I try I steal I secret everybody with it missed I and ballistics the on dying real money is nice be would that guitar the where's 6 for in wait five clock the where's poison the

Have already in time no all green who's time the stood who tape the made who it's lies the in battle shoot to time it's night all tracks the up bones losing be wont gun the everlasting devotion total in foes of friend the dealing dealers away go in your lost I've I 3rd the see you let wont money the respect your you show will I end the by around run the in I'm place good a in leaving I'm really up back for ask there she's you that's shine

Shiners the fall dollars the clothes in share full is bed the on is song the in we let okay its if write will others the plunder and pillage day every high get to here is time the deep the in I'm leave cant I and here in still I'm and done is day the because is slip the thugs is page the writing I watching I'm stressor the watch late up stay mind no pay us of all for sing you do who night the through live I if tomorrow was I guess I double hearing friend your I am print small head their in tunes take town down love punk god

Up keeping cool smokes my are kamels opened have fields the solstice your bring town down hello broke I'm worries no y2k walls the of shit bull 99' of summer this delights it's and night the love rick of the what hockey running me catch delinquent newborn that at one even unfortunately

Breath a took but back look didn't I and question other the was what down the sitting and family farmers rearrange way my go to going you are from bears brothers it's and your and you with born style writers back sit and crew his and jests help would I faith promised I then faith your is where dive you do or belonging is faith your were there over that for is space the answer question statement

Chair? My have I would faith my give I'll me help so line for poem a disgust in forever skin soft hair dark stuff my with along there put someone stuff shiny with tine new a of unfolding the holds truth the stay I where somewhere head else's someone in song a in is this and magik has 3 the left days 9 music good pyros for nasty hello did I truth and bound school hello

Wait, I must persuade you to stay away for longing faith. There you are not having holes in your back and the memory left in my heart for my only friend

Honest or betrayed abandoned or alone feed don't I all at nothing feel still I friend my still is friend is friend my still is my friend is friend my still is friend still is weed smoking quit left 7 was there summer this earlier me get you want you behind me left friends best tow my and cd the bought I don't know valley west in on come

All us to open is law the authority my hurts that you fill to draining changing certain almost the I'm pause longer room back a in window a of silence untitled of sound the too suffered and involved not problem my and me who's ok I'm song good a in faded dreams the times many too in run I world the for hold and stars the for pause I'll buy did you'd if here are days the song a inside riddle the to answer the need I nowhere I'm in problem the was point when days 7 8-16-9000

The have I now it feel you do see would you nervous you make could air the if purpose it's for solely riding night troubled a oh way simple your in you see can I today see to steal you wont daily tours and day faded your on my see you wont where some showings are stars the and dock moonlit a you cant oh see you cant oh me from way taken you've and given you've day be finally it wont awaken past the in and see could you if burn would you edges whose true cant you pages who's book open an pen new a I've now first title

Song damn the play forward step girls go to more much there's and now is this you for it play I'll and mistake my make to want I night the wind the sun the stars the moon the sun the day the waste a never ones this bad to it's me for ones this cant you think I and serious gets I when you telling not I'm and thunder the hear and back eyes my roll to intentions with ..d I and want I what did I weed their smoke and war the see running children brightly shining is sun the and day better parts two far so find

On only the and stealing I'm and room the in are spies the good always it's drowned can you if more take me with sense no makes saloon door double referees and sports faith the protect here spots your you feel and stay couldn't and day the take integrity baby cities friends of door could said you if yes itches hand night your when means it what's on it get lets ghost my brought hadn't sun the and skies the of tired her love you know we song good

Light other the with I'm divine light the bright is sun the inside not I'm yours or mine not it's ugly I'm if fly cant I and above up it see I sigh every finish I lie to try I time every line the outside wall the on colors the dove the w/ is white the and greener getting is green the above haze purple the fellow yellow mellow the blue after and me with away stay to here is grey black and away I'm me know you did I and myself me friend best mans ghost holy

Play could my if safe to not is this away run to theme the said passage scratch every and face to torn punk dollar every poisoning I'm and me anymore writing not I'm you are who money and lies the in patience the run would day the if (try to watch I) time every and alone not was god your if height me get could god your if shoulder my on breeze cool hear to light the need I gone is life my insides not I'm time my hello

Them this with the himself waking is teacher the side the on nothing with you maybe? Today not and past trails shaded your count to first the not and resolute I'm heard o I'm if song the resist cant I and polite that's rude how know you one no life of resolution pure action the recognition for excuse silent a yours is death and hand of way simple of recognition for disposal your of days carry eyes your now beyond America of brothers

When whatever am I ghost never fairy crowd already the was ho different like less the up stuck pause have I only drain trials many so has triple the what say for letters many too pretty embrace switched call on hit against smashed is name my 4 perfect a but be to only away all went question my 1 his don't flag German the burn probably one monotone church the am I feel I do who like curse the away get many so glory the as red a so hate

Have I day the in you which immediately religion a recognize hell of son past the of ahead I'm laws of the law the to introduced be to built oh eternity building lie wont I empty an of fibers hey ultimatum an for turned we space your behind built I void the at up looking city the in hour the cut navy old brethren for ask I as manner own their in world to turn words the pace worthless grey the feed sad chump man mad taxes and wanted I what this

Punk dealer fat big wake out ounce want wife up kept quiet dead are all you wear 47 did I die to trip ways want did a you did hate you hate I ways drowned them lank weird you meet nice well level favorite wise any have cant I rebel winger 6 over 10 2 and 46 call wide world die to going were we fell plane the take mine choosing hate I what so hit wills I course of asks who you miss I say cant frame ice die were twice home not I am is truth other each kill we if die will we me helping is nobody help are we

You thank to where no have I out get and shock the for up line kid American all way my on I'm so well me wished you clean comi0ng I'm ghost your dream I midnight me hug star death happy girl your is where four than more no steal would late too wish I sops after before happiness slackers up catch yes pages the between line another am I yes here from you are smoke I can way the in words you do hang me gets what want I line forever grave a hack running buy your did or that adjust speak assure ask now just pages between sequel

Money alone me leave me help could you wish go it let and will times many how bright to moons the tan better no your me kill me kill circles of inside the like don't I permit learners up get wrong your sad I'm hey here always I'm so empty on running line last the not or lightning family friends check some time about geek up me up stand bye up get this like

Wait all we tomorrow until wait what map leaders god thank work home my did up coming check school old fuse tomorrow till wrong what's hello would I said I enough tipping hot out pages your ripped I and idea the like didn't I forgot I honest it mean I log music a but journal a not it's book my of out fuck the stay