12 November 2008

Poem for the Blind .2

Sitting on a one-way mirror
The one reason to complain
Open-sided, good-to-go, clearly
Opposition in faith for failure and mercy
Never is open to esplain the fall of night

Sometimes I feel, if I feel adventageous
That the mind can explore imploding
Limited containment, false intricasy
not intamasy for libels or slanderers
An agreement of terms for both opposing sides

A legitimate especially pornagraphy execution
when an old couple retire in a music video
maybe you should take out your floor board
advice on how to make a car move faster
and the designation at a faster pace

on the stairs of a lost castle near a forgotton place
and the clowns of war are the only advisors
and jestors on the frontline of the dogs of war
and rejectors on the buttons of the seats
complain about a forgotten hero