12 November 2008


dogs of war, hollering ingorance
bitches of sloth selling love
patrons of religion herding masses of fools
actors looking for inspiration from cowards
or so they say they look inspired,
millions of murderers craving blood
slackers & vampires looking for inspiration
shopkeepers & clerks working hard labor
judges, barristers, & cops, looking for trouble
children playing in dangers way,
none speak a word the wiser in faith
preachers working for mercy
lords and gods killing time & example
serving lattice & fold religion to the forceful
I am not a hopeless murder victim,
I am nothing just an open martyr
wisdom of skies & spears
bless the fields of dead men
rebuilding somone's fortune
free of charge & restoration plants
kings making glory for favorites
jesters in a match to play for god