12 November 2008

Diary of a MechWarrior 2

Columbus Colony / Irechaun 2 / Perth Observation Station - 2998

A fort built against no man stands holding a tribe of about 700 people. Jagged speared walls, swinging gates, cabin homes & a peaceful community none the less. Children born will grow to be 7ft tall & weigh 2-300lbs. some are as heafty as 400lbs. To keep occupied they play games to promote military strategy such as archery, heavy & light throwing & javelin tasks. Not a battle has been foughtin a few hundred years because their tribe has defeated all who oppose them

They live off of a mainstay of red meat from cattle and partially from the greenery that grows and need not be prepared, just to be eaten. their religious heirachy is quite similar to a monarchy of our stone age, having king, queen, prince, princess, stuarts and so on. and a servant class of albinos, with the popularity of the genetic defect. They beleive that all prophecies are factful and true if spoken by a profet. quite similar to vikings but on the other side of our galaxy. severly distant from all of any other possible societies they speak of outside colonies and settlements while consuming their dead. singing and eating.

On some days, which seem specific to a calendar I've yet to comprehend, some leave. taking a small heard of men and wemon to make settlement elsewhere but more often than not they never return, for they have not the need to worry about fertile land.

Most gifted of the stories say that they are to beleive that it is that the entirety of their elders were shipwrecked on their land while in search of a promising and fruiitful new home to provide for their growing population. through the stories passed down throug their generations they have taught their children to beleive that they are alone as a people and that other civilizations are nothing but foreigners. the truth is that their original society is not in this land of their birth and has become forgotten keeping them closely kept. somewhat truthful yet confusing is that the other occupants of this planet have become feral canibals sufferers of a genetic regression unatturally and is quite disconcerning. the people call their home lor'ereastas.

the civilized have the 2 classes.one, the warriors and ttrained assasins, trained to be their military, firght and just thay are thou relaxed in procedure, and the servants who are quite peaceful and focused in nature who also resemble us,but, jupitereon with little social skills and telepathic tendancies.

of the three nomadic tribes there are a group similar to the civilized class, a vegan group that worship and cry to the satellites of the planet, and a nudist sect who toss their dead from cliffs in likeness to lemmings they all tend to make late night abductions from each other.

I dare not venture away from this city if fear of causing any more damage to me and my ship it should only be a matter of time before my tow. and I know i'm missing darksides* but i'll live the observation station has terra* and they're sharing coffee(sooooooooo...good) I'll be home by tommorow.

there's nothing slower than time except space.

*darksides = laser tag on the darkside of the moon

*biological nutrition generation system (bngs)[beans]
terra = terra level,
real foods not meal suppliments by pill or in a tube
syn. star trek replicators