12 November 2008

The Balance in the Fade

the word for soldier and punishment are the same,
the amulet will not help you resolve if you do see,
we have so much time and so little resolve,
all of the voices in my head aren't foreign,
but with this freehand i only strike my head,
you cannot summon a life you loved when it costs lives,
a frailty of life and the battle for humble minds,
abandoned I cried to my world and found the gods,
I heard the sirens tell of no answer so I asked my memories,
laying lost in the woods staring past pillars into the sky,
alone I ask my mind to remind me where god is,
my innerchild tells me that I failed the mind-united then was dejected from serenity,
and then he told me his spawn would haunt me,
and there is no price for a life,
I ask him for powers devine,
an archangeal shows among and holds knife to my throaght,
I beg and plea for while crying from loss and fear,
arrogantly I state that I am distracted and will save the world in their name,
but through my discourse I realize it is my love and ally,
my vision is given darkness while the demons vanish and surround,
but my companion is not there tangibly,
and I am all but left with a tall-tale and an aflicted body,
not knowing where to go,
in a cell without directions with hope and tied to this world
somewhere on this earth in a room surrounded by answers
I have hate for the faces,
and the answers I give myself.