12 November 2008


anihilation destruction has over the tall wisdom free. an army will rise and fall to the towers of agression. many mistakes. freedon visage to his kind he tells writes away to find his soul, accost me baroque date in time, restored growth and grail. in the area of alcoves i am greater in riot gut out the rest today i take my life backno life wastes time i am what that is question? memority write a knight owl no alcohol mercurial mars at striking distance, sorry it jumps - i hate my truman show shit

no bit - singing

amped i think about blackbirds and white people

walk out backwards and head towards the wall with key holes in it, at a cold port where I bleed b4 the omen. I loose control. after the chair throws down go back to the card game bulletin lust where tim e mocks me. werticle horizon the difference between centurian or sentinel. broke is war. mid life crisis, sagittarian i dependent mirror for linear time equation . i'll taste the wine. misery is the creation point for bravery. mordem or the show - evenflow time and began even liars revolt in the capital. i rock reform panel whistles in pipes. see now worlds with the taxmen. fill in our cour4t and behave as will leaves - oh lord will find my consort, ask the reason the 2nd plane - songs do send signals shrink all unique thought functions centers of the brain - AA - shoes come off in the fall - disembark today i will high and fall out of purgery

higher ground

my story lives like a winter told pain suffering death fear the somber and solace changes of the undertones which carry the fates of our hearts in the night wind we should not paralyze expression

how long will i wait timeless missing meter
devil in the ear telling all the ways to win
hello I am your neighbor and not a fool again
like your bile made my posture
music made the monster closer
lairs made the castle we had to make the gate
I am but a sailor sailing on his way
liar has a bullet think about the rain
just the time a soldier woke
ride the train after i've started
heavy is the head that wears the crown away
and i could help you rearrange your grace
your grace
so what i have before do it again cry
this is a line and this is the place everyone is you