12 November 2008

Factor E

The red leaves fall where the snow hits the ground

The loss they give is where the tide will turn

I can not stand where ground does shake beneath

Our faith is gone we hate the market street

The walk of lies is all they offer us

Our faith denied you cheats we have to eat

An honest day of work we give for pay

You should work hard or else you can not stay

Handfuls of funds could be worth more today

Only my friend for value not for pay

A careful crash we worried in our stay

Remember friends you always pay to play

An autumn leaf will fall far from the sky

It's uselessness with blood found deep inside

If stocks should crash our shares should be returned

No common sense all taxpayers were burned

The cars we drive should not be run on gas

With common sense the oil should come to pass

No life to give when handing out the loans

No common man has one for school and home

Some of the jobs were given over seas

The rest were cut from weight when plastic needs

I often see the losers and their waste

I can not hide although I give it haste

Within the home the dealer at good pace

Watches TV with faithfulness and grace

They can not read or write their scores to play

I pray to god you take them all away