12 November 2008

self medicated addicted videots

this financial crisis is different
economy in crisis
American dollar weaker
inflation worst in a hundred years
working harder for less
the average civilian pays the price
economy in English
politics as usual - nergy & oil - electricity IS free
solar panels last 4ever and a day
some of the first designed 60 years ago are still around
"waste of energy" "politics @ the pump"
energy issues - cheap easy oil is over/ending
wind power solar power greener houses and greenhouses
this land is your land - many acres are worthless
no more blame, we need solutions
blame game financial hypocrisy
taking loans from foreign companies/countries buying goods from foreign
stimulus packages and not educational benefits
no taxation without representation
-Media - silent voice
-Big Business - once a company is now a nation or union(laborparty)
-Small Business - once a brand name is now an industry
-government - leadership once needed to contact a union rep now mayor, gov,sen, and president
"we" is bigger; than before, a larger community with unessential knowledge

solar turbine and natural gas energies
non petroleum oils / no nuclear waste
petroleum is for plastics
research nuclear propulsion


financial services have doubled
-300% gdp
-usgold has lost its financial credibility(worldwide)
-buying foreign oil finances terrorism or as we used to say " Anarchy :"
-bad economy?
what do I see
---"they are terrified, they are retreating, they are warriors defeated, they flee in haste with out looking back and there is terror on every side" --god

a voice is heard in earth; mourning and great weeping; gaia weeping for her children and refusing to be conforted because her children are stolen


in my years we lived eccentrically, the people with power wont evolve for another 100 years, we lived forgotten into the song of songs, circa 3190, the end of the earth will be in 2800 years circa 4810
a1,2 b1-6, c12 - green red blue


electric vehicle association of socal
network nation
ops its a list

low voltage aluminum solar heating pipes and coils
rubberthermalplastic - rubber roof tiles
rainwater collection systems
photovoltaic / solar thermal
solar hot water system =4500$ (2008)
buystraps.com unicef
T. Boone Pickens - Warren Buffet
Senate Homeland Security Commite
-Energy and national security 2/2
ipv6 radio aspirin( )
is a fertilizer bomb
U.S.Information agency
office of management and budget
-secured epa standards
led warning signs
national security and energy cost
national energy security


cellular internet
120 dinners + 20 Snacks +20 lunches $2.50/meal ( 2008 )
feedsages <40/40-60/60> jus' a' chillin' - consultyourdoc1st
soluble fiber/omega^3/transfats/nosalt

franchise/store credit cards don't go through a bank, keep the same rate as a systemcard(universal card i.e visa) and collect more capital from a bank of their own,
that's what i call loophole price gouging
that's how theolestars'n'stripesgaveyou the asshole probably
or you(r.a.dumbass) took a "du-mass" loan and couldn't leave the federation
(watch a movie called " serenity ")


chamomile is good for ulcers and allergies // chamomile, euphoria, fenugreek, horseradish, vervain, alfalfa

apple cider vinegar w/ honey
improves digestion, respiratory infections, sore throats and nasal discharges(ijc)

potassium removesexcesswater and toxicwaste, calcium is for the bones, betacerotine removes freeradicals, malic acids combat infections,amino acids are antibiotics and antiseptics"detox agent" for insect bites and rashes,

10% of energy bills are window and door leaks
cheaper to save than to buy
energy center
FDIC Guidelines
U.N. costing loan recovery time to debts
global security.org
railgun - aug 11 2008 / 10pm ch195
energy and natural resources committee
commerce committee
a winter cough/weak lungs needs
freshgarlic consumed 15 minutes from cut in a chamomile tea with honey and lemon juice(antibacterial & antimicrobial)
thyme - antiseptic / expectorant if you cant harness the garlic
expectorants including thyme and cinnamon are not conducive to pregnant girls
personalfinance.cnbc.com never be afraid to negotiate
today is the first day of the best days of the rest of my life
American Civil Liberties Union
badcopshow thepatient
economic policy institute
what makes ACCCE clean

wind solar tide biofuels hydrogen cell research
energy information administration
peace and freedom party
university of deleware chiken fearther PC Boards
(6million lbs of feathers a year go to waste and now they dont)
//(a whole new meaning to "the farmer and the dell")
i am awsome
thermal powered underwater robots..
DARPA urban challenge, robocars
moveon.org credit.com angionomism
faking the case - weapons of mass deception = circle a
worse than the last - why go, video, shorthanded
"breakdown" intelligence - confusion
pleaing - works to unhook others w/ same ideals
Xfactor - fate
yaf.org - the power of nightmares
citizens for affordable energy
national petroleum council (hard choices)/(not)
opposition of detention of political dissident, human rights advocates, and religious activists, free press, freedom of assembly and labor rights
earthshare inc.com
your business F.A.I.R.
don't cross the threshold
stay in control
maintain proper form
warm up
listen to your body
-westinghouse solar lights
Asarco are pretty bad people
2 earn with smc.com
training multivitamins
antioxidant plant extracts, phytonutrients(45 nutrientas) antiaging, antistress, (antisemitism.....no wait, not that one) cardiovascular energy immunesystem and memory
no eating 3hours before bed
wildaid, redcross , letthereberock
united solar ovonic
greenhunter energy / greenhunter biofuels
Powersave - powersave.tv.com
wastetreatabilitystudy - presidio, SF, CAL
oyster mushrooms
ostm weathermodule
magnavex magnetmotorgenerator