12 November 2008

From Your Madness

definitely twist the largest hole bay of pigs of war with guns.
you can play all of the millions of burried supplies my life of this is my life of nothing gone perfect. only once my acid told me while entering my head that my pain tells me while I write w/ mine "I know I kneed". consorts in my pain use the title. sure you need this? I am not yours I am not gold hiding? certain of what is water in our spine uptight and deciding to make the way how far enough for haze to wait. you I wait with whatever was here. thorn in my day is why I can't believe the weed the day the street the alley. we were in where I want and why i will. I need a trace of how we were to die god has our sorrow by now he's not. whatever work whatever works god in hell is out to give out our home, up in round the place is a freak is enough the time the time the place me on our day me on the way she was there, your beliefs are ignorant vs. your beliefs. dig a hole make pain usual normal youth. of more my pain of you.