12 November 2008

freepeace advocate

Falling oil prices tell us everything
crisis on wall st
economy in crisis: the supply and demand of energy
the government is you
(banks bust - oligopoly - insurance agency restructured(downsized)
IMF declares $1 trillion stock less
home prices dropped 25% and oil down again
jobs fall 500 a day and bailouts take from funds for schools, medicare, medicaid, state funding, social security.
in monopoly when you borrow from the bank you end up losing all of your possessions.

America is broke
debts deficits and deceit 2008 (" the America we're leaving behind ")
in 20 years taxes will cover debt and not homeland security agriculture commerce education energy housing justice labor state transportation(goods and public)defense ("goodbye America, welcome viikings")
9/10 people want the same necessity costs group special interests
costs go down we are wiser than our parents
universal health care does not take away from a functional budget
a word to the wise
many Americans not informed
some believe everything factcheck.org
you owe what you owe
nationalized nightmare is the stock market, because they need more money to play
too big to fail and too poorly run to survive
Big and bail
truth and lies, fact or fiction, good or evil, right and wrong
was what it once was called/named
conservative is another word for reserved
liberal is another word for literal
world ending tomorrow - sky is falling
passion comes from excellence
parties are paid for by votes ; ugly truth
to defeat them, must listen to their words
political correctness can't hide hate
insufficient preparedness costs more
rewarding bad behavior encourages more of it
paying for poverty - subsidizing nonsense
brings more nonsense - subsidizing stupidity
don't punish virtue and reward irresponsibility
don't take away Sunday either, or food and energy
green in the face incentives and irony
..and still not safe the world is in war for the west

freepeace advocates / freepeace party

how did we get in this mess? N.E.Way?
economy meltdown
central banks world round injected money in to stabilize market
seeing the sings (&) know the old and their old world views want investor and will drive the $ into the soil
warning signs and America is broke / what budget is - $
oil prices down ( reflects weak dollar accurately)
and pundits have economic plans for change
what and where has a better sign to save you $'s man
expose the truth and the liars
politicians, as i can tell, have a 2 year bureaucratic visage(view) of a 2 year horizon in a fictional land of political irresponsibility and political finance. uncountable and corrupt
solar wind and thermal. and even nuclear I heard from a spokesman for plasma gasification on planetgreen.tv a company called inentec which recycles medical biohaz waste could also recycle nuclear waste in small amounts. i could be wrong i haven't cheeked in depth yet but sustainability is key to environmentalist/freepeace advocates. think oil is wrong
-the country is choking on debt
poor options/ the menu of delayed pain
increase fed income taks increase payroll tax cut federal purchases
cut social security and medicare
-boxtoplay phones
-sundriven folding bikes
(4 tech)
crisis capital is a Washington problem
we need change, to the truth
financial fallout from bailouts is Americana slavery
large snl's and insurance companies bailed out
disaster victims an the poor took loans from foreign investors and banks, being a company owned by other countries, and almost crashed
us fed bailed them out, for one or two reasons
to spread wealth and cheer around the world
or fest they needed to make an effort to
]pay for something, but not universal health care
((i think peace should be free)) Ive heard
of this before, in the 90's/my childhood we called it a protection scam
you've read this story b4
pay your taxes do what we say/ you're told, don't make a scene
or be silenced, it's only missing robin hood
independent entertainment
diplomacy - " negotiating fair terms an open terms"
nation debt crisis - Amerika is broke
goals and bipartisan ship = the solution of a budget
stop unfunded obligations an no buying of opinions
federal income tax should be a medical tax
payroll tax should be for withstanding interests
cut federal purchases an interference
awhile (ss) social security becomes retirement
watching a dangerous world
American eagle hunts in the wind around a bank
higher interests make up hill harder and the wind stronger
i then slept so long
taxes and returns were initialized
to 'grease th3e wheels' of America during it's inception,
now this country is on the roll and having a ball, i mention this
because it was used to fund development of standards and practices of modern institutions then and now ass well as feeding and funding our war effort against terrorism for
the past 300 years, it is to be my opinion that war is for dogs and life is for mankind
an international truth
green collar jobs are all jobs
tax credits and incentives to network/grid
create an exponentially sustaining economy
America has a choice to make
depression stagflation or recession
wheres the bottom
were capitalists or not ( economic shell game)
communist without health care martial law
deficit of leaders
debt deficits doom, america has sold out is children for many generations to come, to an amount that the blind hand only read about
(collaborate, create, succeed)
variable frequency drive
solar oven/ solar shower
the government sold us out years ago
and you should read up on the countries and
their ways which own the government debt
politicians lie more now the they
ever have before
in the future all taxes might be for
social security and medicaid/re and no
budget for anything else less state tax
with a possibility of other countries and large
international banks to rewrite our constitution
bailing out these lenders an insurance is companies give a blatant example of a proper excuse to raise taxes and force america into a recession
from revolution to communism to socialism
surviving an empire
a financial crisis is only the first method of terror control, with society at such a gross size
examples heard in the wind are china's leaders poisoning their own before they poison the world with lead in toys and other various products an toxins in food including children formula
taxes on the people for a bureaucracy and not democracy means no freedom in the sight of my future, although with a handful of successful jobs. when fighting for your rights revolution is one more of the sins in the eyes of the governation and their terror tactics

if a grocer cant provide fresh food you replace the farmer and hire a new(buyer) if you replace the old plan (ss & medicare) with universal health care and keep the food(federal taxes)and give(into) more capital and money into the economy because we'll have a thriving economy it commonly known , taking care of an illness is cheaper when treated immediately
propaganda for the evolutionary is best used a rhetoric or word of mouth

what happened to the EV1

if these ideas are overwhelming you should voice your opinion on what taxes should be spent on, isn't that district city,county state country
stay tuned you may see a federal burden clock in the form of a draft(belt in some countries) Washington is out of control and needs great leaders
social security is gone which means you only retire if you worked through life
"you cant teach an old dog new tricks" means in this case that if you never worked honestly that when its time to retiree you will return to crime all while remaining ignorant to civilization (modern) something know by the blond
bailouts are the saving of American institutions that contribute to the immense American economy paid for by the load of funds from the people, all while unlawful, quite clever, "truth be known" know now that such an action is grand Larson
these changes do not affect senators who can vote in their amount of pay/salary every senatorial election
27th amendment 1992
who which at one time could vote for this measure at anytime
if you want change than evoke your 10th amendment right,

and for the vegans
something new
humans and mammals
local to earth created for life as an iron species that's what makes water beneficial, because it rusts the iron that clogs the mind ironsulfer clusters in the body break down toxins as in the stomach blood and mouth, and absence of an iron standard, as well as to freshly taken normal humanantibiotics
fight cancer/ehealthconnection.com
none calls the ocean the drink of quarters
iron is covered in iron ironspecies
publiccitezen - 53 regions vote not just 50 factcheck.org
honeywell fertilizer
rock bottom
out of the market
bailout breakdown, the wall st is in catastrophe
community is key, lenders have experience a bailout fallout loans are now fewer and farther between
---teach a man to fish ---
massive failures large company bankruptcy bad to worse
what's the plan damages and demand needs to be supply and solutions; lobbyist and special interests of big oil may ruin our country because this countries leaders have a lack of morals and or responsibility
limits on compensation , fees to be irresponsible to loan and getting paid to do tasks to avoid treason
the phrase " for the greater good" comes to mind
behind runaway government is oil lying cheating and stealing to do more lying cheating and stealing;
-energy options
1)government should protect resourc3es not sell them
2)1 is not a quick or easy transition and short term is wrong
(alternative fuels, vehicle retrofitting conservation)
most countries and people have no oil reduction plan
a green revolution =/ the non english of us has crippled america, the borrowers stock market scrashes in 2008, the gov printed more money killed jobs kept buying oil and charged more taxes ( MAD MAX )
republicans depending on socialism/nationalism(system) trusting the police might not be so bad
when transportation and shipping shut down after loss of oil and a cop says your better off somewhere else that go somewhere else, becauxe fight of flight is carry your own weight. the message I give you because i can and should but you need to know i love you enough to convey a message to survive and you will find freedom is responsibility in community and society
=future of energy
alternative fuels, energy technology
us solar energy in 2008 is .1%
e-coal newearthl.net

say no to propaganda/ truth and consequence
..beware islam they will hang your children

this is a time to rise above politics for the good of the many is a fact not seen by the great and honest because of the retribution/ effort given to and or for the ungrateful. the truth is we are in trouble for not being prepared for the days of the beginning of life in the eye of the law and not it's leaders

who have lead this country to crisis
how is anybody/one supposed to bail out companies that they buy from or bail out companies for the ignorant(uninformed) others and survive?
(slave labor?)
wise and the last of a kind, because we are born responsible and have no option
the evolved will be wealthy in their life time 1.9% of our race is wealthy and we are in a green revolution

eyes ears and energy,
mind, body and soul