12 November 2008

Happiness on Fire


fastest top notch nock off of the top for me to visit you in. different densities of gravity exist between the distances of the sun. Gravity affecting less in altered elemental atmospheres. Altered and the reaction. I cut the page in half and make a list of bones falling waiting to land in what everybody is dancing in. who new i was called myself to my cell wand. Fake newspaper glyph. Fake new hater crew, what do you think of home? When is this pen running? Mask will do it. we will walk home

like a caring doll would storm through the food is you monster on the way to hollywould dead director mescaline pellets who he is he called i like standing around the cloud someone above the crowd he is on his crutch this is one of you one of you 1 of u don't you frackin' lie you thought bat would me why than surprise you u love letters in spring and missed calm down get off your cross fool mother bliss is style take take take enough
paper make it perfect


i have a problem your perfect if you heard me the first the last pocket precaution to the wicked ninja kicking walls or building houses 4 on top the train is a common ride where is the color of luck how do I steal the top how am i not blind yet memories i am making love dial sold the song super fly away from here rhymes we have to die you sold & i never knew what I'm overstole

the day

tower in a blackened mind slowly takes me away loyal keeps bringing pages I know shower switch was i was you record in my face closer to lies crutch of death I wouldn't be cool to kill myself alone is a hospitable force was in force not enough i know you you bandits do things in the bliss something nonetheless we'll mjss him and that is the perfect line in a book for the riddle put these in songs swallow the time between a breath the chance to see your heart good luck on dying. i am the song i am not alone in a cell prison me of you do you know me luck have you ever made up with me i have no perseverance I am myself no remorse i am told i am religion generous am i at home am i while as the clouds i am not alone rearranging no thank you this time i am waking in an ocean i had seen a boy on my street away from his school and of him i saw blood i saw blood on his forhead on his neck on his back looking through if he looked up

So sour day

It all became a hassle and you got dropped off maybe you still have money no one to play anywhere me bomb inside a love has to change war takes over cause now that dreams are satisfied my room my fear my song my day my pleasure is gone hello we've been with in you not enough I need more I give I lie to know I lie I am what is what I m doing 1 more takes whatever you please your shedding skin

I had a man who was himself I called him daughter and you said his sister was red most of the time I'm awaking but the pearls always looked clean I could take but just one and I know I am the truth where do we go after death why am I a question lords of acid am nightmare and we rolled around on the floor again was her but with a face where is your knights in the kin why do they call me spider shake was a web I am man internet explorer eat blood your going to die laughing good chicken family chart last line is the clause you

Volatility worms

About to fill up the front half of my book and I'm not afraid not too bad it's cold lift out our was the word I wanted fear love rhymed death child maybe I'll go eat perfect earth too loud outside the pavements yellow mints so perfect / you suck u cant take this breath away I'm inside a song I'm inside a song I'm inside a song page in time to play in you your name is mine and it's late I know you love me. Wrap home in gauges I'm on warm soy and making bread not buying it.. don't has to starve it's to early to rise to walk happy green meat going the children made no money they threw pigs they caught them in their mouths a whole cow in a catapult a cow is in the spoon calmly a midget with a huge knife he cuts the release for flying or throwing and the cow goes moo a farmer and his commercial the cow comes through the ceiling and I know how to turn her on 3 fat bitches killing his tv

I know how to fade a page


Oh well 12 12 123
oh well oh well for me
good god for the king and me
god was 12 12 123
good god was goodbye
good god was hello you
your styles in my pocket 12 makes a 3 for the twist I got 3
123 makes my pocket fall
hello goodbye all I know is
there is a god and I'm not like him
I have my crutch you
frackin whore and what ever I do
good luck to the bad luck
and crutch indeed 1234 note
can I steal enough
losers aren't first
lethal beats and space

You know I'm rude okay is tall number tv setup good enough for birds lord has run people this card is awesome fract I'm truth ignore tones of home kill the enough wont fit fit repeat and prosper and melt die to the acid weed enough for burst water

Stuck pen, dial 1

Bring that feedback back traded die for privacy big deal I'm 1234 open faced the pollution I spill pollution and feel you want to dare the devil playing in your car of fancy where's the tool for the title was it the first time I died broke your back were done tone off the wall the high 123 was behind the 41's everybody is dying be normal was never heard I change for denial and bust sinking the rules I am doing the cloud for the wall for you did I say what I say for you did I say did I say what I said for you faded day


I am god
25 or 6 to 4
we were gone
they may disappear
46 and 2
and your enough 1 of 2 dies song
better get another pen

Ready to run

Space name spontaneity copy my problem hammer it into the earth I'm not as good not into overflow an open door ill frack early rhymes with bulky sailor of the food that is a lie counting rocks will you frack up lies spray gods punishing you an exksentric right aerosol dependability can we talk art show at the cigarettes god the day is long ozone layer 12 layer 1234

Face that still leads peace love how do you miss your own open it after 2 remember how do you want a kiss your midnight today I'm in the book do someone for good trips I cant believe its not butter don't smoke weed player break walls enough for

Liberation3 who breath American that's it I'm involve with fucking you i promise please pain fuck you and watch you hatch because you do numbers before had company van new hate for soldier tame better half and in between between took old skills lying over and done boy doesn't know heard my friends dipshit man my name your name our name ass in the crowd and never there just so that I looked him out just for the family to break never enough to spell you stealing spelling and better words dot frack sole ghetto9 recon tough this for food and grave enough to much the end quiet and money for you and where the fuck is the fourth guy what the x would say is any other open day people laughing can you calm your way past a flower did you know borrowing stabs you in the back are you kidding I'm here the space that I left for freedom I know my fortune no problem ill do what you want im insane were insane this insane walkinsane take the river so I know what you know do you care of the show can we fly away can we go dying sying.


High awesome much I knew never
after you first I am a waste
a wooden box of flies wow you
my hate told me dot play with
I am not 7 but getting pissed
my scale amazingly enough
my piece of time moving clear
snake farmer dentist over
I want to feel eating at the table
change is coming change is bye
cool move quick kid you lie
about yourself want a chance
to die among your soldiers
both of them are not
counting out the others side
never in the water and I'm dying

Day light is all your past
what we are doing last night
on what is called mary jane
she haas much to adore and eyes
care for the television
hope their up by noon
do you have that booc kat
are you allergic to the air
are you sick of the river
when I get out I must die
to tell you a truth unalive
it's time to learn the life
I know my subtle joke
I know the river lasted
what a subtitle my name


Just any of the others I am not here we are of this life how about the lord when do we go home take the book tom me this is land this time called me a neighbor is for tall and blonde I am just writing.

4/why 3/42/3

Here we go and it a what the frack are we doing what is right you and me my name and goes back contained and look down and hoax nightmare with blood finger in the bomb and you is you or haven't you my baby probably forgot long name middle name world owes you point as we run the world leave as I point the light those to were very bad had love and lust and nightmares cricket at the pole handle kolas apply the van bought on the last few news bought dirty fight me

Already to far sonic boom on its that late sitting in my room top I had a point no I wont my

I think I had a wallet full page I think I had this is stupid paid time to kill father spoil my friend

I need another line the than off and back down nirvana I I think I had a wallet point am

Pussycat had lords of acid I killed a point being I had nonpoint grade I think I can rewind trick house

Get the picture your timed get the picture no journal get the picture god suck

What are we doing never this is only god I had scribble how are you inside you put down your inside you decide had ballot take the choice fear freedom numbers

is it too late is it too late

ripped off schedule

I have not counted why you and me end our love why does money have you and sad song midnight our I bought and began again title was me over begging work work work die we take all and leave you with this slave I am not every day of life double take had taken was taken both of us go back to start again I have this and it is my home me don't you lie to me his father wants a plague bet me a general accusation I've counted and money is man I am 2 tall little enough 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 12312312345678910147101&2

Normal wow music to damn up digital piano no how quick to electronic in my room over for 123 and then 4 is death caress the hearing the noise barrier where kill the pollution is at the now I take enough to steal all out to step the water the shared go back influence why did we call tell the snow his place the choice this not just the one people live evertiming is the other side out I don't have the right hurt the girl truth is nirvana numbered at 8 do what nutrition sells out at death I'm ahead of doom time full line for the 4th king three lines and I already did oops the only choice proof


Can I see then what is being sold as American dreams of what is perfect word and I'm putting up down left and right cause we work this out just said we have to work this out q101 out question 1 or 1 of every digital explosion god know the paper that we took again we need that paper I am god never was appreciated apprentice bitch lover god

Count god gives paper When are we giving Are you on paper with you on reds Colors of this one Fear of me only inside

I'm in my room suicidal sonic boom do you know who name 1234 take giving our night audio dine might cover attorney-inspiration 420is work 69 each day is like a work of art hello that is not for sale that's yet to be designed an empty canvas waiting space dreams for the dreams that fill your mind your talents and your strengths were we are like the colors you can use strengths to paint the pictures of your life in any way you choose pictures of your life

Dreams / I love you angel

Did the day speak for your savior and coming into the sun and dying on your faded day and never is proclaiming new

The band is the sickest road crew in out in out in out in out neue one never two never 3 ≠ 4 who is this 1 of 3 Americans

College another American accident too many forever death ailing new words and daylight

123 &4 and you what hello I have hello hello I have 3 of you and hello light wearing Ione hit beasty new playing it that 2 pain in end disease he loves now laying up to the never

Of your need less time of course we all are 1 faith is of course religion depression is out of my way

Aggression of you is life about the wisdom of ages into my life last minute timing in the window you are alone

What you are to me I will counting the love to you enough of acountenance you just need the words

Grace betrayal abandon once to bridge beyond alone averyon is somehow right now I have a great hell no

What is wrong with everything grace so sing place I just get to fraking go

I need

I know all these people and he is rethinking rethinking de ja vue is de ja vue have you shoutingskies and the king is dead for you and water Cleopatra is wallowing in the turn in you and me in julienne and earth is my shadow and change is changing colors I'll never be used see you cry feel me never chose to lie I need to clean my air the truth is in the air I don't know where to care I don't know where to care

Kill the pollution

Thank god sideways

Oh done with this

All the things of

Everything the of

Mess every day

To bad it's cursing

On the pollution

I think her clean

A revolutionary

A spill title book magik

Jewel of vocal off

I'm the devil pursued

War with love and fire

It if you are

Words because you are

This place only life

Sometimes graceful

I had my line only one heart beat

Dreaming slow


I'll eventually be upside down I don't mind I can fly American woman OK. How about the death flower I can write all I want to be and the space is fade away I still changing changing cant believe here is the record is at it's end and today is art life is art and im as new as never walking over never is the grey from the dark space night sky


Break back

Known as me a mask

Known as me counterfeit

Known as a list of money

Known as a crowd of mercy

Known as a concrete beats

Known as slacking culture

Known as hate and violence

Known as I wonder if i

Known as a trick flip

Known as looking outside

Known as fake afterlife

Known as loss and gain and loss

I found you breathing life you look like the day is tall too many times down hill how do I change the mood much to go out and death new to the tovch change him best song ever has me don't forget I'm 4 or 5 I know how to count to ten and I count the storm of tears never gets kids who cries never take away my pain who is me when…….

Space is what is after a question was saying nothing to you right about now is what I heard who need need the space how many are you have you all ways died how many died you and how many are lies not much room and on the back how about sentence structure two word written for never home good music for posterity and you have no gun? Will not write travel killing me just the same could him the knife very over water me scream tough us test drains stained for teachers where is the lies I don't' know I was I was I was I don't know the lie the lie

No 9-2-5 sep 2 1899

Hello is my word hello bad luck still carving 123 hello hello hello

No more than a say and a family writing is the prophets sin long and filled and you have my name we will be named well upon your way love here now relax I'm done better to be sane picture 1 open better to another day of dying sun mother lives to hear your wondering what she said things I neeed I think I said free 3 I have you 3 I have 2 style crowd someone me you were would don't don't don't don't don't you lies we have is all