09 June 2011

The Lost Souls

The Dark Ages: Fire
The Lost Souls

Within the church of hell, sits the emperor demon, presiding judge and jury of the underworld. He that stands at trial is a lost and wandering soul of a vanquished vampire aside a demon we call The Cancer Eater, acting as his defense and prosecuting council.

“Sycophant, destroyer of worlds, lest save the fires for the sinners last, great is the alchemist.

Children of Odin, sing and have them all, deceit be unto many taken by the collector of souls whose name is death, better liturgy by weapon consignment haft through ink, never at words with haunting forces of war and indemnity in fact of source just this that given pages can be trusted more than greed. Canst verity obstinately choose, where dreams consume the mind prevails though tales of spoils make the minion so, return our souls to space only if carried by winds of fate, generation of mentality confined to terms of slavery and malice begets not prayer, service to the devil the likes of hatred borne of misconception unwavering and unwanted. Sharing memories we are gods of limitless irrevocable futures in the eyes of the dark lord, hoarse cries give not warrant by expectation within dream, rush the caustic flood against acidic mountain and thrown by the will and driven to the end of isolation, the science of evil destroy the imperfection of faith and dark ages. Sages we, destroy the imprisoning gates of hell wielding magic of gods, defeat impetuous sensationalism and consume great meals of logic at feasts of fervor.”

Cancer Eater:
“Roiling in hated disbelief, libelous nature of emotion and patient enmity, roiling brood of poisonous eternity, realms in worlds to thee, no less than empiricist does this world enraptures soulless eyes, bid the powers abandon with archangel and deistic genocide. The devil powered by souls of the damned, in portage veil, shadowlings burned of corrosive darkness, grace be gotten in favors only to cherish delight and treasure of the imperfect soul, seek heaven of your desire and speaking to the element at gathering. Holding deathblow…revel and rejoice the day your calling is made to give law to lawless barbarians, a nihilistic void within the enrapturing darkness, relentless currents of holy alchemical element to carry the holy to heaven. Banish serenity forbade of contention with ally, view the fate of all earth that surrounds in your reach at any liberty unfold by page elite, destroy the ghouls and trickster elitists. Gift taken to which true fate has lied to make conditions a beggar's folly convoluted with penury, concern, dark hallows, stoic conception fettered to a symbol of hatred the unwitting innocent will be reprimanded by even the greatest of their gods, from ignorance reflections of deviated humanity despise the strategists and tacticians. Condemnation for each condoning allay, rage at sickening fears, sin, and good of heart to worship begin a prayer of consternation, lamenting woes not inflicted, enlightenment bodes ascension, the sign of times.”

The Vampire Soul:
He begs the judge, “Meritorious contemplative Saturn, beg you not your woes, insanity bleeds the rags of wounds seek only to wring magic into another element with your science, wise is historical alchemy, and blinded be upon another of the worlds, metal for the idols that teach.” He turns and pleads to the demoniacs, “Weapons of fellow conviction, seen are all for sought, armoring the soul and soldier with welcome irregularity to brave even the times of peace. Every memory in council of judgment of your actions, above and below the degrees of circumstantial fate and blessed elements different to each reality, secrets of the mind gestate to revelation yet frustration consumes the blessed lunar surface not for confusion is not made of common sensibilities.” He turns and embraces fate and asks a question of the judge, “Beneath blackened grimoire one good turn deserves another withal devotion deservedly is not for which was written, hatred perceived is achieved wherewithal negates exclusivity.” His hand hails the open fiery sea of souls. “A world of answers, and the armies of hell, evoke with choices of freedom the less than any if there is not and humorless without intelligence, the uniforms of uninformed that work at the supporting pillars of empire hearsay, qualms of the deity as if exhausted parable and seek the images of the invisible. Make fast does Loki on this grand ballroom, but dance with thee that seems the trite delight perhaps, thirsty eyes assume the matter equals respected expectation align they into the Valhalla fold, forsooth this upon reckoning like the Hávamál. Alack yet by the lunatics to unrequited love of a moon they call home and have never been, the sun dead unto the day, dawning light, the woe contained within when channels destroy the mind instead of conscious thought.” Periled by collapse so loud the demigods blench, emissary sick with prosperity or heretic consumed by power, or be yet laggard, and the lies of sin are stronger souls than the weight of the clouds, prophecy made stronger by death will venture hell and implore all hellions of wretched demonology. Coy the demons sympathize, giving insight of their hopeless heathen handle.

“Sacred prayers of the drawn and quartered executed, behest homage graces given by the tree of life the same as by the hand where blossoming the best of fruit feed you the poor alike the nature that where war gives death the same by the gallows of Yggdrasil, philosophy of our wisdom attained in the ages by the learned lives. Hatred and paranoia, Ragnarök, whence the missing worlds with prayers outdoors are sheltered and wise, the mind of rebellion closes to survive the journey between worlds and lives while seeking surely not consolation, lesson learned expect to quarrel wild strikes and ancient exhausted slander. The song remains the same against rabble common, laws of physics, reincarnation objections for blood often on their hands, immortality, history and lore trumps religious war, firebrand of any stone will make any other just as king. Reckless abandon, prithee do not disturb the gods, ever warned within their realms of specificity, inner circle of hell, judgment of reality.”

Cancer Eater:
“Nourishing ashes of the sea, snowing volcanic sulfur storm, where Lucifer speaks you will honor the name of the great Satan, the unclean father of lies…circle the sky merciless wicked vultures. Vampire scion, world of shadow behind the closing light of the moon, idolatry, plague, predators of obsession, ad requiem, sacred summoning séance congregation, sacreligion, feign the demonic blissful glory of the echoing storms from hell in longing to recover the dominion. Account, sick before the silent storm clamor as they pray to falling stars for the black phoenix, after the word betokened by convolution, busy an ant the soldier of the sun never-ending the restless wicked, advert paltry cult ceremony each instance of manifest destiny. Fall into abysmal decay, witches at war with the dawn of time, godless deceit become death, and welcome unto fabled hell with holy sepulcher order.”

The legion of hell lets a sound of enmities’ approval, if not pained by suffering and torture wounds, at which point skeletons shackle the lost soul.

Skeleton Guards:
“As the angels and demons carve at your soul, listen to every sound, exit the soul as planets align and galaxies are in eclipse and perigee, send wicked wraiths set to put atrocious wisdom and the spawn will live to learn providence and pedigree, many fleeting belongings to imprecated unholy possession of your soul, devolution burden eternity.” “Humans randomly familiar, tragedy fire, reap food of the land bountiful, flooding ambition and windy essence of, an old ambivalence for irrelevant old lies, war of roses forgotten bloody thorns, even at Olympus the old mountain vaporizes and falls to suffocate the dead within dreams, aching wise deceit, from the antichrist beget the maker to the lord suffer the Christ.” “Revelation against the false prophet and the satanic legion, admonition volition oppose the fascist treason, scorns to thee in chaste putrid, maker of death, truth, carnal vampire drink in the sunlight victims bleeding outside until their unborn are grey, heaven shall burn as the verily hell freezes both imprisoned in the god particle, disciple the satanic plague.” “Bare stern witness Judas, embrace the alarms of consternation, come ye, shelter under wings of spite, promised to records of history, contagious lies inspire abuse rife and insolent with insinuated fear mongers.” “Purity, dazzling rays of darkness matter in isolated remnant offer powers impenetrable to destroy light, point of no return, stirring cesspool cauldron of molten death metal, evil counts the metered measure of blind darkness immemorial, torture woken from captivity, without faith, memorize the spells in the book of the demon.” “Wizardly kind the lord is your sick and the dead, disavow a name with pleasure to disappear and quicken the murder of the horde, kingdom of the living for the alters of the four elements, funerals without eulogy quick to tear the heart and eat of consummate pain, ritual and compulsory tithe insanity.” “Survive in restoration sustainable, tithe the harvest of souls but do not bribe the rain though the dictators behest, absolution without monotheism, make hearty, bow considerately and point your blades, nigh, death cannot forgive, callous obdurate memory of death.”

Death spirals of demons and angels, the lighted darkness draining the blinding emanation, beautiful heresy to the pleasure of the devil, hunter, and death by clear darkness of midnight. Withal consuming worldly fire of day, psychic dreams, embraces the great lord of damnation displeasure, archenemy, and fate existential by shadow slaughters content to oppose from prison hell. Viking mercy for the orphan and still yet no signs of gods, ten elements to the conqueror, fortune troth upon the age, wandering soldier, beggary rites, chaste ungrateful squalor hence, worship the future endowed of the past.

Cancer Eater:
“Humans in the war of heaven and hell, blessed crucifixion, terrible, stealing your souls, praise for despair and open wounds, judgment strict the jailer asks the jury. Is there an infamy for souls above and below, crucible terror roils the cursed stones and boils bones raining blood on fields of serenity, hell will tear you through the poisonous sand while you sleep, heaven persecutes your strife, demise by vehement prophets. Worlds undiscovered within this very world only one, the devil, deceit in paradise, origin sought of lies, suicide to the eyes of the dead at dusk.”

Standing next is a man who was once a soldier king, covered in blood and battle-tattered uniform, nearly lifeless as two skeletons drag him before the emperor demon.

“Madness no longer less than absolute, embrace the cold, embrace the darkness, without Queen there is no King, consume their sins.”

The Genocidal Soul:
“Deceit itself, predator, burn your enemies when their allies find them dying, pariah religion unleash your bestiary, genetic memory, the song of ages, demigods and demons all fomenting passion with whispers of the shadow lord licking their liberated spines and drinking their blood. Battles are fought for souls indeed, the devil lives in saturated fire, thanks be to sins of the mind and not of emotion, relentless resolution, hatred unbearable, imperial strength forges sharpest edge, beguiling resilient resistance destroy the bird the rat the cat and humanity.”

“Glory to the tortured broken soul, god at battle of mind, beautiful people, shallow pain of the soul hidden at great lengths saving paganism, err us ere, may the gods offer envied paths privy of deviant sinners and felons, storm of blades, to kill them or learn them savvy, deign nomad.”

The Cancer Eater takes and opens a small white book from his pocket. He begins a spell of summoning for monsters beneath the bloody soil.

The Cancer Eater:
“Patient vampires asleep in holy ground, carnal, sage, gather suspicious, instinct consumes the same wit for all, dispel the wars of controversy or pox upon your house, the tenets of life, and rains of pestilence. Elusive shadow lies of hell pray condemn…” He waves for cheer to the bloodthirsty audience and they rejoice. “Death, monarch of monarchs, innate spontaneous combustion, divine children of the emperor, death does not ally even the lord above or lord below, spilled blood on impermeable page, the destroyer, without mercy take our blinded hands that we may live, fie, free gain earning treasure prevails.”

From beneath the bloody sands a vampire raises, short horns of a wide base crown his head only twice above the temples, he is red with talons and heartily fierce bloody blades fill his mouth, he does not stand upon the cursed earth, but grasps and tears the warlord asunder.
Within an hourglass above the sand is the altars of prized alchemy buried or broken and torn through the gates to the other side, the witchery war seeks vengeance, saving soon their rightful place. Standing before the emperor demon is a deceased warlock of the dark arts.

Cancer Eater:
“Catatonic vision wherein covered you are by moss, poisonous flood of plague verily of seeming eternity, warlock prophecy imbued upon their blind weak minds, kneel before the dark master, sacrifice time in magical ceremony to send them at their makers, revelation.”

The dark wizard kneels in submissive homage, praying at times with eyes closed that his name be only as any placard of immortality.

“Raped by Satan and reaped by God, atheist reprobates amongst them, writ demonology, ruthless pillaging invasion of thought, fiend in lineage and legacy, avow, greed addiction, send the fortunes into the future.”

The Warlock Soul:
“Your will shall become, the spear of destiny thrown into the religious,” he stands and turns to the audience behind him/her, “witnesses of fire. Wicked, emotion imprisoned heart, deceitful hanging cage, endless plateau, trusted tongue of lies, degradation, mercenary forgotten lost angels, terror feign to dote abandoned bastards. Bring the terrible armies to feed in zoos, elated meditation, flawed logic, become gods before their very eyes, grace and benefit everyone, commandments laid in hell. Putrefactive, relentless carnality, find you endless wisdom and treasure. Be reborn, verily, advances mortal convention. To great knowledge, thee, immortal love, whispers, of veritable and object permanence.”

The Cancer Eater:
“World of shadow, dark ages, dissolution, disconcerting, demoniac verse, terrible, guardian of cemetery as nation dies. Final moment of war, the gods of gods, true our aim quicker than death. Godless saints and requited impassioned sinners, there is no road to eternal sleep, pray thee venture and acquire treasure, the beautiful race, choose not misery, the drowning weight, and what sickens. The ends of time drifting in apocalypse, bring powers to the mortal besought, impartial pain haunts mortality, fateful preparation, virtue rejoice, grant gift of purity, provide the innocent that they may fall hardest to reality.”

The Warlock Soul:
“Lord of the deceiver, that which faces the grave, and vantage of afterlife.”

“Plume and ink, sins of deepest regret, tyrant, defiant whores and bawds, suicidal bliss within endless sanctity pages deep, shadow, evolutions, rage desperate for blood you are possessed free of exorcism, the rains, crawling scales of murderous mirrors. Alleged darkness dementia, excelsior, compassion for the lost without their demonic lord, mask of glutinous doom, piece by broken piece, merciful end to misery business, manic liars resting in carrion, hazard wrath by regent gods to play in their storm, servants of heaven subject to hell, yield to this priest of the devil. Gentle scholar, herald, minstrel, slayer of evil, statue, monk, merciful betrayer, inundation by the impurity become, the dark elves malign and misbegotten, sole survivor of battlefield dark challenge the gods every law of time.”

At this, Satan grants the warlock clemency, and skeletons step-aside as a small portion of the volcanic sky begins to fall, with black smoke the warlock dissipates.

Before the pulpit of Satan, the bitter denials of guiltless heretics lament ‘o wicked pain’. “Dissipation, angelic conference, suicide, resolve, wherefore skies of fire swirling depth tear mortal flesh to reveal the devil and illuminate the eternal at worship, spoil the fabric revealing lovely blight, collapse does this darkness,” and the shadow souls begin to weep and woe and cry, in terror ought, to another. “Claw at the earth if you need become it,” and the summoned demons tear afire, the innocent victims begin shedding horrific flesh, hopeless and indifferent legion becomes uncovered into desperation and revels at the fires of nature that fuel their blessed nightmares, forthcoming destroy and command the fires with darker flames their own as the gods watch. The Warlock watches in fascination, devotion and allegiance, blessed are the fiery liberation. ‘Death, give us the sky to grow,’ the weak willed pray for something more and calling lesser gods, “hark, open your eyes,” surviving oration, the warlock becomes the demons’ master of asylum, evermore seeking honor he turns the clouds within his sight into fire, and the people of earth ate their dead without remain. “Songstrel, stage the effect, given our raiment, oft belied now circumscribed.” The warlock walks the earth of reincarnation, witness to a growing firestorm. Deprecation exhumed of exalted suicides fiends of hellish power, once were found by the fires and now are lost to a silent world, slander and ash, faith, echoing souls that sin, survivors of insipidity now remorse the absence of foe. Choice given as the surrender to death or deception, condemnation, reflects the storm, “We will learn of scripts divine.”

“Oil upon us running from the dynasty of theology, cast spells of evils and manifestation, raise the beloved dead.” Of their hails do the dying give laud to the great demonic warlock Lazarus, incestuous orgies of gods…alas the lord is upon them, product of filth coating dead bodies and survival with black slime, message, through sacrament and magic in blood of the dead and dying, entire world populations in servile empire. Aptitude, elation, disgrace cast upon the undying impervious regime, thus, hazard. Ready to stand perfection through the infinities, stoic and silent, seeking the false prophet's council in public, cascades of soft torture, blinding sharp edges, foes to existence, “Our fate…remuneration, the envy of provision a sickly dependence for charity. The secrecy of dream, doubt, cry havoc, slumber, original sin, souls of mortality,” and crawled without penitence from their slumber. Abandoned they the warlock for a new world with unified hell behind, passing not through realms, the will to remain, begging on the altars of the alchemy index forlorn, soon to join forsaken that not have become, “Praise the infidel, cursed wait for narcotic bliss, the devil within, the fountain of youth.”

Satan stands and walks through the pulpit of fire. Every tortured soul that is the legion of hell kneels upon both knees and bows in servitude and admiration and fear that Satan has provides.

 “Nimble death by atrophy, mushrooms and moss, lyrical suicide, vengeance, bow before the wizard, dust, hell spawn, ever lit night and zealot by day, dying worlds make restless slumber for the absent deity, sentencing trespass, soak the sin, open hearts to damnation, bloodletting, conquest, horde, declaration genocide, eyes of darkness, father of lies, the devourer, destiny and addiction.”

Satan holds his hand toward The Cancer Eater who walks jovially to the master.

 “Drowning in sorrow, deicide to those who cast aspersion, surface, fast your hunger, orphan wraiths, red deserts of ancient death, murderer, the death clock, forward torrents of crusade. Brood not lest breeders hence, zealots and idolaters, wicked symbols deep in lands of rune, legion, borne of elemental, shelter of beast with sigil. The words by lord of hell, machine, attacker, carve out your eyes, welcome are the armies with hell fire curses for the mercenary, sabotage and subterfuge with plans forged in the dream world, winged demons carrying wounded feeding on thought and memories of the dead. Mountains in the sky buried, with lust consume and passion as you bring me the souls of the dark wizard.”

The Cancer Eater:
“Minstrel surely clean, innocent victim, psalms of the unholy, resentment, assassin deathly, the spoils of war disgust, worship to hell's ministry, drink the blood of the temple, harming shelter, lost missive missing letters, anarchy, bloodthirsty, illusion, serenity gracefully lands to reap the harvester in tow, mentor us melancholy psychotic vampire.”

Again, from the bloody sands of cursed hell rises the vampire demon with horns upon his head, The Cancer Eater raises his hand hypnotizing the summoned demon, from the demonic altar he takes a chalice and an engraved dagger. With a stab to the heart of demon-vampire, he spills red supple blood and drinks; his body begins to disappear like vapor until beyond sight.

The chosen soothsayer, bathe in the moonlight seeks the aged wisdom of the cold lunacy, solacing predation tasteful blood haste through the traitor divine. Spake the Cancer Eater, “I am become death lest death becomes me in the hatred of light, hail Satan, emissary, mountain king, forbidden, fatal attraction, audacious dancing in the moonlight. Lucifer, natural power and selection, animal of species, mysterious ancient, embrace your instinct be it hunt or kill or lust, forsaken, madness or danger, thralls and serfs, soul storm bury your dead.”

In the moonlight stands, a vexed tyrant, sectarian, sightless irrelevant, circumstantial fate of endless obsession, dare not suppose the shadow elusive opportunity suffer the sirens of war. The lunatic asks the demon sorcerer, “Lucifer, singing sweet serenading sins, contrived and lost, penitent dragon inherent, scorn by the moon, I worship the Phoenix.” Replies the dark sorcerer, “Betrothed lovers by names of darkness, immortal dreams, battles of constellations, view the legion of hell, eternal breath a life devout,” as the dark sorcerer finished speaking he draws magic powers of electricity to slay the lunatic. A battle cry the lunatic gives and embattles by magic his own, “Cursed puritan, slayer, the doubtful twin explored, the beast is affront.” Touts the sorcerer, “Lamentation?,” replies the lunatic “Burden,” retorts the sorcerer, “Slaves to love,” the battle begins to complicate and then ease, the sorcerer taunts the lunatic in confidence, “Daunting challenge heir apparent,” “Slaughter will I you,” the lunatic screams in desperate fervor. “Feast on the beast only children of the grave.” The dark emissary of Satan prevails, the lunatic is murdered, but the blood spilled of both covers the loser, as the Cancer Eater leaves, the lunatic drinks as much blood tangible. For this, he will become a vampire of the night caste.

Deafening trance, melody of maladies, valley of shadow, meditation, suicide, valediction and flight, discordance, witness peril, death by numbers, breeder and bleeder, bastard, forgetting, sickening cold, disciple of damage, piling layers of corpses. Putrefaction, throwing skulls at hell-hounds, forgery, betrayal, incineration, rattle snakes Ophiuchus, enmity, outcast, the holy vessel body is temple, striker, visage, violent spirits dancing on the elements, at banishment beset mortality, the dark wizard is captured and condemned to hell eternal.