03 June 2011

Barn Burner

NO! Death to your country! I must apologize, in the last post I stated, 'brought to you by Satan and bacon' and I must admit I've made an omission. The following is an addendum supplemental.

This message is brought to you by The Great Satan and the fires of hell, bacon, public orgies on PBS, whores, alcohol poisoning, freedom *including free speech, death to YOUR but-fuck country, all-sorts-of white power until you can behave, fuck-islamic-fascism, female race car drivers, nude beaches, non-hairy people, Americans (*all), the civilian who hunted UBL with a pistol and a 40 inch sword on foot in Pakistan, anyone who is iffy about Muslims, democracy, capitalism, pornography, anyone at war w/ the Persian empire, newspapers that don't capitalize evil nouns for insult, non-muslim Africa Europe Asia Australia Americas & Antarctica penguins, aliens who abduct and probe people, whoever stole iran's rain, democratic revivals and/or uprisings, cat people, cat lovers, minstrelsy, equal rights and equality, Hooters restaurants, supermodels and anorexics, some of the gay people, The Coalition for Blindfold Sex in a Window, leaders, followers, gun toting liberals, republican authors, the NRA, elders, the world tree, clean energy, snipers, seal team six, people who burn terrorist magazine weekly (way to cut out capitalism on that one), the incredible hulk, pagans, the Amish, the English, Awesome Sponsor (*TM), Jews, vacations, stay-cations, observations, intelligence, literacy, heavy-metal, humor, the constitution and bill of rights to the united states.