09 June 2011

Vampirical Aberration

Dark Ages: Fire
Vampirical Aberration

A vampire slept in the darkness of mountain, and the wolves found him and bowed and knelt, the blood drinker told the wolves to ‘howl when the moon shines’ because he hated the light, they agreed to the deal if he gave them the meat of his kills. The vampire created a giant coven over the years and the wolves began to starve, and the coven began to drink the wolves’ blood, and the treaty was broken. The vampires became dark in the torrid moonlight but survived, and from the mountain, they began their kingdom over humans, until the humans began to bury them and crucify them in the sunlight, a pregnant woman poisoned into one of them before she knows that she bears child, and the gods gave the child a life of both worlds. Hungered for blood and walker of the day, but a demon saw the body as a vessel of beauty and possessed the child at an early age, the strength of the demon combined well with the vampire. The bloodlust was controlled and used as the torment of an angry soul for entertainment, the soul of the beast trapped in darkness, and the demon tortured the soul. In the mind, the soul was a god and created light and creatures to kill and when the soul of the vampire grew strong and tore through the mental bonds it recaptured control of its body. Trapped for many more years than seven it awoke and stared in the mirror. It spoke to an army at its control, and condemned the gods for a life not its own, then filled the waters with blood and covered the soil with bones. Sorrow and melancholy and lachrymose, suicide from the blade made of cold stone, and the followers watched the body turn to ash, and they cried. The ashes burned through the soil to hell, when burning to hell the ashes became the bloody feathers of Valkyrie wings, and the soul of the condemned vampire lauded by the demons. The demon king turned the vampire into a winged demon and sent him to Midgard as the ninth demonic general and antichrist. He made war for the desert people and fires for the warm fields by lightning just before the rain fell on the ashes, and brought the plague to the land. Scintillated by science, murdering the idolaters and religious tribes, until his justice seemed no more than a corrupt idea, Loki, could take no more of this. He condemned the antichrist, and the great wolf Fenrir hunted the demon and caught him out of the air, and in its sharp jaws it dragged the demon through the desert, over the sands grinding away its skin. Through the salt of the dried sea raised Jormurgand at the ocean and swallowed the antichrist as the great Thor watched the house of vampire decay.

Memory voices, disowned, man by the dying gods surround, and the races art dead but the humanity, and the graves watch them. Generations, filling the nine colors, and watch they each the other, but rest they are the last to know and starve all compassion, and Time reversed its insipid wretched fires and sheltered the beast as one became two. How was this the weak were not, predator and prey drifting apart but in death-spiral, deathlike the predators keep their civility and the prey will grow strong or fall from the family of man. Violent aromatic crystalline compound, spinning diamonds where the eyes should be, born to survive the song of revolution, the world suffering a psychosocial depersonalization disorder doth adept at the river Styx, where the gods shall drink from the river of blood. The warlord caterwauls for she, the divine goddess, to take hand-to-hand, and the castes above became strong with power. Fearless to fates as they live hundreds of scores longer than live the ancestor, ken the kin downriver getting smaller and taken like kettle fish for the supper. The farms grow unabated, law of the land consume the poor and bastards few whence there is place for any all, feeding for survival. Sight for the hunt, and the day dread the sunset for the moon will kill it in the night, demoniac propagation like vampires spreading into the fog of time with radiant power and silent splendor, when darkness falls we are reborn. Let the silk hang from the ceiling, fete and frolicking in the waves of harvest where Eden blooms a day, with the dragons of fire and ice. Through the valley of the shadow of death, sow the seed in rows to the edge of the earth in good measure, for The Glutton will try to put you in the golden chalice or the silver chair, and the hourglass shall hold. The time to play behind the curtain of deceit, in the rivers of rain, as the rats chase the finest seed they spread disease, look to the treasures of the mind.

Hunted were vampires until the hunters grew thick skin and heavy bone, sacred heart and art of disciplined combat, dandelion wine at the edge of the garden. Their survival consisted of shackled pets of ceremony soon to feed the children, scoffing the mead used to bless the black fertile waters that flood the farms, and hoping the seed will pay the earth for their birth, flax and wheat. The earth gave them the four memories, vampires do not go hiding in the shade, or obey the fates and their minions, spinning wheat into gold telling tales in the texture, and take their heads with the swords of the trinity. Swift justice without stead of pomp, ally the demonic science, worshiping the living night and allay with the morning star, how the records travel through time and speak the future when truth. Affliction of honor are the vampire masters of blood puppets, and race to the spark of life for even evolution has its source, and with the plague, lies unto deceit, where the heartless have no home, hast they discovered the tree of life. Dost thy make it grow by the whims, and will become god. All life became sand adrift instantly, ruddy, a world of shadow, and the winged ones circled, and heed their aversive resolutions the last vampire immortals walked the great desert. The darkness peals echoed powers of the great cauldrons of Hel, the demon king read aloud from the aria of terror, and the fires of hell grew and scorched the torrid deserts into broken and shattered desiccated glass. The pages blazed as the sands became the city of glass, the fire destroyed the lifelessness, the heavens glowed, and the angels cried for their garden, the harps twisted in the blighting furnace, and the darkness consumed the fire.

The fires burned without light, and the sand became the city of the damned, there waited the prince of darkness, and quoth the demon waiting, “soon I will destroy the houses of the holy,” the demon of penance waited in the darkness for all of time. The Valkyrie watched the darkness for all of time, in their mercy they swooped to fell the demon, in their shift they tore at it and bit it with their clean and sharp teeth while hidden in the darkness. The blood is love, of first are fallen they, afore night by yester morrow the demon's blood consumed of them which made them the first archdemons, and made them waste not a single drop and soon ordered they raise the armies of beasts that live in the darkness. Manic vampires frothing where the gods cannot always see, by fate, the weakest dying in the light beyond the bloody fires of hell created new humans as they would if asked holy. For the demons to begin their tempering game, and for this the trickster Loki was summoned to the presence of Odin and was asked, “Where have the other worlds gone?” and spake he that the hell had eaten them all in ravenous craven gluttony, and so was Loki ordered to destroy Hell, but he could not lift it. So there it stayed, and when the worlds were anew and filled with demigod sorcery again the battles of decision and logic began in turn, the souls of each demon slayed traveled to the realm of the nightmare. Possessing dreams they wield war in full stage, and their demon bloods brewed and bread the three terrible speaking beasts, the snake son of wisdom, the vulture son of perdition, the black cat son of lies and broken paths. Readily the tide of war, with the grim reaper making the worlds a great graveyard, and the winged demons and angels served their master, and the gods never set foot on the worlds of mortals. They sit the highest courts of heaven with their halls of the slain deep within majesty, and the trickster, merciless of lucid law, readily drinking from the waters at the root ends of Yggdrasil, with the ghosts, writhing, anointed, on the darkest fire, watching the weakened hearts of mortals, waits patiently, for you to seek out the devil.