09 June 2011

The Sleepwalker Murders

Dark Ages: Fire
The Sleepwalker Murders

A newly created madness caused by the poison in the blood. Take this journey, of twisted mind, able body and tortured soul, sleeping awake, restlessly envisaging, in opposite dream worlds illusion both, the path of sleepwalker illusion, full of murder and sacrifice.

Sleep of dreams, born on the seventh day, an advent apparent, born of all ages as a seed, forthcoming of any soil, overpowering, crowned with thorns, born of the darkness, stealing the light, to feed the creatures of the soil, when raining blood so does the blossom. Vein of vanity, giver of shade, a child of light, swift upon the land, descant, melancholy, after this confidence permits, without politically imposed compulsory objective, consuming. Vast is the mental wasteland, an inner modal voice, the army of creation, radical and liberal, is forming, torn between dreams, the fires of midnight, exhaustion, nightmarish draws and quarters, superficial pattern, cold collision suicide. Yggdrasil, lumber of the guillotine, consortium museum of electric chairs, where the desert sands cannot flood if storms become gods, nihilism, baptismal fires, recanting curses. Addictive life, a flood of those who worship the book of the dead, undiscovered language, sinners in fornication on burning beds of holy scripture, vagabond stammering dipsomania, lunacy without the earth underfoot, synesthesia, falling in forgotten memory, destroyer, beguiler, fiends of despots, circling madness, evaporating message, prey, predator, bloodletting, judge.

Between the buried and great torturous sorrow, a poisonous grove of the darkness, deliverance, guardian, warship, of demise, without charlatanism, creation without light, I. Sentenced to soothing fire, a frozen sky collapses, platitude, executioner, worthless, afterlife, mesmerizing poetry and fatal spells, callous, murdered by the light, the enemies wander. Killed at their curiosity, walls of silence, spies of consciousness, the worlds in the sky, taker of the rains, blank pages, Agni, from fires in the sky and within the ground, murder, magic, journey in walkabout, the souls of the reaper, resound, in the eyes of afterlife.

Heroic foes stand suicidal heir apparent, stranger, standing in the river of time, at the edge of the garden, thunder of storms, heretic, covered in ashes of the dead, distracted, lost, near the tower of babel, with the eyes of your ancestors, in a city of the dead. Terrified, the last of your kind, harlequin and severed marionette, with patents of nobility, echoing sadness, import without explanation, without the bodies of statues, insofar, crippling thoughts, to nothing and spite, cold is the sun. History consummation, winds without wings, heavy clouds unto your vision, choice without decision, patiently, accepted in your dreams, angelic refugee, isolation sickness with failing vision in shades of silver, passive fool, your thoughts are the disease, seek and immerse. Burden of shadows, systematic, where the kingdom is a fortress too big for the eyes of simpletons, old clothes cover the empty market streets, the clean dens of wolves and rubbish of lost politics. No petty thieves can show you the way, naught for nothing, emptiness, deserted, fallow, free in a city once fill of fool now long dead, closest to your own worst enemy.

Buried beneath the river, sleeping in the rain, the wisdom of magic, scourer of the dying seas, tide of the merciless humans, gangs of slaves, without esteem, without ambition, scavenger, betrayer, it is in hell that you will remain, ruler of dreams, coward of thought, infertile, fugitive to plague. Without solitude, so much more, mountains of observation and in the caves they slaughter the devolved until joy is lost, a torrid blighted land. Alone with the histories of wars recorded, as the salt covers a new layer of drought, prayers unto silence, with fear and remorse, without magic to guide your soul, the creator, has given an empty world, and will show you the way.

How heavy is the heart, could it be torn from your own chest, all this leads to nothing, spinning in space, shown at the altar.

Chasm, the air on fire, the joyous libel of Satan's messengers, distant and cold society, banished by tyrant kings, the lord, redemptive, on high, master of the merciless, infinity in parity, continuum, and callous convenience to complacency. Sensational death vision in moments soon, falling from the stars, rain of brass petals, a lost kingdom, bodies of ash in a storm of flame, blind predator, heaven fain.

Murder a wife and the husband's brother, leave a note written in poison to kill the loved ones who find it, and burn the mortuary, yes, ordered by the cold stars. Throw your axe, send miscreants to sleep in churches, lost and painful, political asylum, murder idiopathic murderers, patiently, with their hoarded wealth, lavish, in audience, stand upon ceremony. Sinner usurper, groveling at every hovel, with a message for their murderer, mock the appalled worshipers, witness the irony of hypocrites, lust the lost in wisdom, watch the witches murder the slaves of sycophants. Honor the judge, respect the law, faithful and beloved, dream of empires, recant your prayers, and watch the time, wild and reckless, where eyes like knives, with talon take a stand to prey.

Besought, betrayed, be told of having died only in the mind, completely, spawn again, and whisper the presumed secrets of the ocean. Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the North and the South. Obliged be, with an army of machines, in the buff, hooligans on mountains, practicing falling from gliders, the lunatic society, caravan vanguard, the opposite of go lightly, mechanical, words in the name of the devil, the heartless, a shallow mercenary has killed the ruthless lunatic, android, let the grass wave your grave pardon and adieu.