09 June 2011

The Lake of Fire

The Dark Ages: Fire
The Lake of Fire

Dreamer of darkness, painted ice and vaporous soot and trees called ash, muse of the wretch, immortal resurrection, genocide, indecorum, and lightning dragon from the darkness storm shall death convey. Nihilism, ordered by demons to kill the devil, consumptive woe, with all the bodies dead and falling, steals from the tree of knowledge. River Styx carved of bodies and blood, immunity and overgrowth, violently cleave pieces from their soul to torture and consume them. Bloody roots in the earth a cemetery above a garden below, poison and weeds, terrible daylight, rhymes without rhythm over drums of war, timeless wandering wings of archangels and archdemons, bastard insurrection, revelation. Curious contriver, the enemy mine, agonized and reaching for the damned from the river of fire, soldiers camouflaged by stone entreating treachery, bright fires of hell rising, obedient, pure.

Wicked hellion pet, scripture of sedition, torturer, what order of chaotic emotion, mystical judge, paths of fate uncertain, murderer in the field of poison, these vines of time, know your enemy, burn the holy books you know their names keeping few, the path common in trespass, powers of the gods and relic omens. Earn you your Viking way or die, hunter, a secret reflection, bounteous misfortune, patience turns the worshiper to dust, longing abandon, fire born, information without rot, virility, enemy are the worshiper, guilt offend and wasted prayer, essence, gratitude not for misbegotten.

Under the flood of new testament truer words unspoken, sleep our child, wellspring, writ by branding immaculate, forget and secrecy to slip, fracture, quicksand, harvest soul, raised to symbol, feign, freedom forged by moments of clarity, law, poetic injustice, until death, sacred judgment, before the darkness at most evil.

Fervent lie, challenger exceptional, furor, annihilation consume the light, impartial fate, harvest death benign, sloth, civil war. Showers of broken mirror, most unclean decree, destruction, creationist, tomorrow, burning sermon, trenchant foe, cold, pride, mirth and merriment, challenger, enemy, false armor, walk beside the demons. Fleeting as emotion vexes and hexes, the child monarch, ragged prayers of the antichrist, sacred oaths to hell, beloved immolation, siege, anarchy and death with crown of the cult, blood in the water and sky afire, agony, visions, mercenary of great fortune and fugitive king.

Of the elements, there will always be earth to sow the seed, air to carry fate, fire for the chaff, and water for the streams. Earth and air to carry heaven, earth and fire to carry hell, earth and water to carry us to new worlds nine, air and fire to burn the heavens to ash, air and water for the gates of heaven, fire and water for the gates of hell. Augur, demonic gods, reckoning, vanguard, spirit and trade, a fantasy paradise, energy surfeit, information, where shade is a tool, ever the deceits of holy lies, empathic soul, without turn of day, language in the name of science, callous, merciless potion, fated eternity, bliss of night.

Voice insane, a heart of steel, and fields of solitude, invincible, echoes of the hall in the hollow mountain, wasteland of memory, stone, and action. Pure hellish rite, melancholy, shall the earth swallow us whole, and unto them, covered wounds, spouting molten rock, fated age, painted into corners, autumn, isolation, butcher, ode to libraries of hell, without soul, grow us to gods without war.

Condemned, gathering stars, silent ocean, fires in the graves, souls of the storm, universal, resistance and severance, gloom, gait, powerful providence, deafening lies, of best betake insanity, artisan prophet, niche, formidable demon and covetous of hell, heroes and hellfire, cleansing pure bright fire, hidden in the bright darkness, the reckoner, death strike, madness lest anger. Soul mates, nine worlds’ nine inner sanctums of hell nine orders of angel, army of darkness partisan of light, the bible in hell, without immolation, written by the sorcerers of fiction.

Eyes of listless war, lost and lesser, dead eyes see no future, speak not of either order and mention prayers, tyranny wait mercy not, fold and field, demons of hypocrisy, despondent.

Fearful infallible sky, meteor, bath in adoration, which war surrounds indefatigable, quick Minotaur and wolves, fires at the ocean floor shake the first tree. Bleak reaper drifting over souls in graves theirs hiding not, Sirens call to raise the dead by witches three in deed to the devil, poison ivy turns to brimstone, exhaustion, complete flame in the caves of hell while the monsters sleep. Stars to siege the earth, invoke primeval, cavalcade Apocrypha, take up many pied piper, undertow, where the dawn is fire, lies behind your lines, ravenous, servant, watch as the angels make prey, theft, forsaking soul overtaking vessel, trapped in obsidian, message in mind rots in future tense, frivolous, wanders the king of demons.

Never, kin to beast, sound of the deep and forgotten forest wind, fornication, darkness, city of glass, bathe in molten steels, devout wisdom in the dark scripture, sinister deviance, usurpers and profligate slander from the Valkyrie Order, eviction of highest hypocrisy.

Feign seek fit, blind idolaters of commandment absent writ, premonition, fire, reaching for the heavens, choleric reverends, mass appeal, pawns, sorrow, cattle, chosen misfortune, flawless, serenity, devotion, relent into requital, nay, curses vie. Mark this day in retribution false witness, world ablaze and shadow creature, with moon figurehead warship on all seas of tranquility, sake you monsters of the deep, plague and apostasy, explorers, never, faith, inexplicable, tithe, restoration, at every doorstep, failings of the altar.