09 June 2011

Suicide & Redemption

Dark Ages: Fire
Suicide & Redemption

Hubris demon, fire at the altar, given   for the olden ages, literary is the echoes of the smoke by the reflection of hungry eyes. Fiction not far from prophecy, leaders, isolation, fertile, melancholy, in the vast fiery fields of hell, faith, damnation, letters in a bottle, uncouth, logical, yet prophecy of Cain and a vexed spell. The trifled words you must learn before you are released, lies of the prophet, distraction, turning them to blood fiends, had they not been blinded and set a hunt on the moon, and, descending, leading your eyes into mystery, conversion, absolution, memory, edict, unto, prison of a dream, unworthy, you might have lived.

A great storm, smiting, impenetrable, as the firmaments collapse, the great fall, unfounded, dote, soldier, pendant of the eight point star, false, severity, denial, compulsion, contempt, treason, sadness, distraction, remain you logical in the times of fervor, consumed by intrigue and information. Temporary, complete, metaphorical and euphemistic, tempted by the surface of the fire, senses put to worth you stand a shadow in the flame, blinded and dreaming, beset, trial by the outer gates of hell.

Heavy fires blind and sooth to sleep, lulls that flame on new reserves, breaking the vessel scorning the flesh to feed his majesty and warming the bones at marrow, the earth above seals unscathed, fading shadows of your former self, impetus, the ground of hell does hold. Mirror underfoot, prayers make thee unto goddess mother Freya for her war king Odin to save and rescue, the generous whispers of burning slaves unseen, thoughts impure, malignancy, wolves of the ashes, death, consumes the sky, the smoke of burning souls overhead, talons on the glass below, cutting with the claws of old scratch. Dreadful, heavy is the armor of the skin, clear purveying foes, closer to the ground forced to kneel on a floor of ice, banding winged demons across the void, shrieking and howling, sound is silent, fractures in the glass, smoke filling breath, weight endless, they end their talons and leave their dead. Mocking they fall away and the cracks begins to quake, the shards heavy and falling from the ruined layer, heavy fodder that tears their wings, bodies from the smoke begin to moan and groan, soon at reach. Scouts of missing fuel, many for their task, malaise, envoy, threatening death by sulfur grasp, ever aptly, for even the sorrowed weak, crawling, arid drying eyes, and ever horrible. Prayers incomplete, their voices missing, they are messengers of a smote cavern and broken glass through the shards of time.

Broken on the mound you rest among the alluvium and debris, sea of the damned, a world of your memory without life antebellum, blinded by the sulfurous air unending, infernal proprieties, a sky of dark rolling clouds, an air of sifted dust covers everything. The pain of relief, compatible reality, humid heavy air, the low tones of the distant wind, at soon the demons watch but do not feast, creatures resting on the horizon, howl the wolves of nuclear winter, the hunters of fang, desperately seeking to the sky for moon or monster contrite. Countless pages turning in the wind, ravenous, hell hounds, wild and hungered closing the distance, trampling paws by chosen path, dangerous, leaderless, beside yourself with fear, fight or flight for shelter. Each step in matted ash soaks then fills with blood, sport to demon speculation, the winter wolves’ blood still in their teeth, deceived by ghosts into false security, lured and hunted, running, and fire in the padded tramping steps by blood and ash incessant. Wait they for a leader, the old dog, bow to prey the alpha enters, it smells your fears, they part and smolder as they dive into the ash, requite, and patiently dragged with futile resistance. This beast of living stone, waste, in wander, into a den of misery as the devil watches, silent is the sign of the beast, dead to rights, desperation, desolation, in sorrow divine, godless, terror, where fear becomes a spirit of darkness, in darkness the sense of falling from the third realm.

Splash in the waters, in darkness the sea of loathing is filled with blood, the depths groan and the shores beckon, freedom by the word of Satan, spite, vantage, wit of the hellion tide, sequestered by eternity, sequential of believers, woe to a dark moon, dying, blind and drowning the fourth death.

Undertaken at foreign shore, clear water of the volcano mountain, an island in the blue, splendorous, paradise, many beautiful mermaids point their spears and forbid your reentry to the water, and the seabird picks at a rotting crustacean and looks to you with rotten eyes, disbelief, verily, spoiled witchcraft haunts the island, passing, and, symbols of the first order coven, sleep within your bliss, inside refuge, sleeping awake, isolation sickness, woken by the white witches, slow they move like porcelain leather, tempered rooks of hellfire, impervious to the flame, suspicion, marble, course, temptresses with eyes of white, faceless emotion, as the children begin to peek from close view and peer from distant refuge, silent as just, bid not solace, indifference, pearly fangs, desire sake of survival, and woe they are upon your holy house, sinful regression, delicate balance, silent laughter upon wicked delight, on fallow ground, lachrymal, unholy, satanic, deceptive misery, murder, disfigurement, curses on anguish of the fifth death. 

A world of void the color of light, silence of the sound, without a heartbeat but alive, the ivory witches watch from afar at game afoot practically invisible, endless, illusion of the light, alone, journeyer, the body of you lay on the ground at your feet. Dismal searching the abyss for onlooker, taunting reality, sickening anxiety, perverse insanity, verity, a prison for angels of war, thunderous are the wings of the black gargoyle, eyes of blood with veins of brimstone, banal harbinger, worker of predation, verity, and, the porcelain families tremble. Unflinching, ghosts of reality, sentinels of this cell, devout, the devil's children, carnal, disciples, unholy, pious, fearing the stone gremlin, deviation, dastard, infamous predator, reign above ground, land and defenestrate. Frightening, the monster grasps your body, punishment, the hunger of death grows within you, in the white, you are invisible in a world of respite, and disastrous pangs of craving, the creature will not let you consume your rotting corpse through the endless hour, until your demise by starvation in the sixth realm.

Black fire upon us, pulled from the baptismal fire, cold, morass, mire your body most unclean is affixed to an inverted cross, as of late this betrayal is fixed, the Satanist scripture. Curt your trusted ally hold you guilty, by blade will flay your woes, prisoner, property, mountains of emotion, dead memories, each pain divided and sent to the days other than this to so be tortured again by excruciation connected, witness to god's mercy. Some epochs with audience, sinners in life, usurpers unite pagan gods in passing, without firmament conflict, riddles of torture, ends whence you first speak as they take you from this place into the darkness.

Total darkness eclipse of the soul crawling through and over the missing and useless pieces to the dark fortress of hell, here the temptation of insanity lurks, only the darkest creatures live here, they are the bodies of eternal sleep that build the temple of lies, never to freedom the bodies whisper cries for help. This here becomes the tower of darkness, enslaved, disheartened souls, sound of a great phoenix as a star in the distant dark night, eyes crying black oil at the very thought, and stones in place of eyes. For not indeed untold, fears for the devil, persecutor, slaver, death, mortality, the first blade, once of heaven, his majesty, baron, true, miraculous, disciple, the flaming phoenix approaches, talons drawn and open to strike. Taken into clasp, pain is a virtue, melancholy serenity from this realm into the next; you stand over your open grave in the gloom of morrow standing before Lucifer.

A personal audience with the devil, the dead are gone, lo, give not qualm, peace is upon you, the fiery angel boils the rain, light from clouding steam by glow of the flame. Warmth again, glory, life, immortal, beset by heaven's glory is no more, hypocrisy anew, common enemies are mine, breathe. A new life, without magic, to walk again, your enemies, my enemies, the former of the latter, obstacles to the faith, forever in spirit, discovery, and judgment, have stolen from this garden, defeating the lost, have this life now and the summers will be cool and the winters warm, without attrition, share the loss of regret and save others. You are born a spirit, with time as your servant, consider, foundation, secrets of immortality, deification, the soul does submit, and with great strength the devil grasps at the soul, with the cold soothing flame, and sends the soul to the burning sky, rejoice, and be born of the fire.