09 June 2011

The Vampire Codex

Dark Ages: Fire
The Vampire Codex

Assassin of deathly, darkness is the night, living fire, to the edges of reality, the deserts are only broken puzzles made of sand, pieces stolen by the wind, quickening, mirror of the sky, trifling spies the gods, clone, convention. Refuge, asylum, creature of the field, below red skies with blood-red eyes, excellent, journey, trackers on the trail of shadow, the last breath, does the pendulum strike, seeker, wayfarer, pilgrim, in the name of nameless, rises from the tomb, beacon to eternity.

Gravest ode, the earth inherits the dead, hatred in desperation, if shall not want, death is only the beginning, march to the shore, in search of one, in flames, soaked, the highest low, I am anarchy, I am destruction.

Myth of meaning so lost and forgotten, documents of perdition, castigate, nefarious, archangel archdemon, tide and tarry, scribe, lest ye forget, ultimatum and failings, as heavens and hells run, into the great unknown. Destroyer, creator, prodigy omniscient, disciples descendant, guided, growth unto gardens, all are dead but one, glory deceiver, destroyer of old, clean is the warpath, Satan is science, glory deceiver, born of the earth, laurels and effigy, craven is the antichrist.

Pleasure, yet, satisfaction, glory deceiver, destroyer of worlds, leaper of faith, crawler, glory deceiver, lord of perdition, to the shadow coven, greatest alchemy, a storm of needles from the sky, salt and sulfur crown, glory deceiver, hymns of the apocalypse. Vague desire, glory deceiver, rapture, death, battle do the sorcerers, glory deceiver, cleansing rivers of darkness, fires, dreams, fast your hungers, devour, deliver, devastation, glory deceiver, harvester of sorrow, nothingness, demon, glory deceiver.

Pathology without philosophy, the lie, into darkness, obedience, woe disbeliever, lies, the original sins listed in the bible of hell, frozen, lake of fire, rumor, perdition, immortal, witness apparent, lost relic, to the battles Valhalla, crack the sky, courtship, taken is their sleep, to feast and fight anew, indemnity for their honor.

Should Aesir feign your mind, clouds, for their seeming suffrage, subjugates to Odin and all Vanir, plant they the tree of life within you to return their house to tranquility and eminence, spirits of the forest and the trickster god, divine, rife with wolves, as heaven watches. Order of inaction, hidden beneath mountains, seeds of regret, the fog becomes acid becomes fire, and tunnels collapse, and houses fall, time travellers, slumbering all, depths of the fire, assassination, remember the future to forget the past, flames to effigy. Witness, armies become army, bestow, and reign, truly, and count the minds of weak, the world a garden, victory and honor and duty, fornication, rivers of fortune, freedom of speech, worthless eternity.