09 June 2011


Dark Ages: Fire

True horsemen, coldness, universe, hell most certain, layers of fire, abandoned worlds, demise, audience of stone, ceremony, chambers of execution, lamentation, time, void. Bury into ground the claws tearing the soil to scour and scorn the roots of sustenance, depletion, persecution, the white horse running on the waters, patron, and loss, hallow, sonnet of sin, fallow, harmless fortune, blackness and sickle, suffocation morose, prince antichrist, dark before darkness, saboteur conquest.

Many words of many lines of many verse of many prose of many books of the satanic bible, permanent, eternal winter, breath desperation moreover, endless mourning. Blood before burden, drink bitter is war, feast on rose hips, nourish vampire king, hunger for their blood war forever upon you, constant war, sacrificial bodies, eager demon armies of legion, slave, this drifting ocean. Sordid vanity of god, wound, pillage, plunder, make tremble hearts of kings, with many spirits at your disposal, poison, venom, smoke, sword, to capture death, graven, desperate to war Odin's valiant hall and Freya's folk vanguard, commander, disavowed, accepting this that fill the cup, he without greed, surrounded by war.

Malice by dawn, unholy prophecy become, indurate, darkness without humanity, trinity, traveler, deceiver, fallow, witness, take your eyes like knives from out my back and live here on the ground, slaves upon the garden. Buried alive, added to the infertile soil, and the salt begin to grow, drought, the fires of hell all along the watchtowers, isolating the sand, purgatory, scourge, scavenger, prejudice and judgment, terrifying memory, condemnation, desert, slaver, thief, futile feud, purge and rejection, reckless demonetization, negation, fall into sleep, nightmare, you will know famine.

Rivers of fire, mercy be not human, desperation, the lies of cemetery, crows above the rows, service unto thee, murderous beasts, shelter to the demons, nigh, dementia and lachrymose, antithesis, angered, and severe. Battle of the ranks, falling is the firmament, insurrection, wooing and festering bordello, ambivalent, maleficence, deprecation, tortured souls, never, path of destruction, apocalypse, ill fate, enemy mine, blind, eclipse of the moon by touch of death.

Reckless witchery, emptiness, displeasure at eclipse for sharpest edge to make the dawn, stones pave the path when the earth has gone, close your eyes to see the skies retreat as burning stars to other worlds. Cremated ash falls on silent hill, where ghost most wicked must avert and the ancestors combine their souls, notwithstanding, traitors of sorcery, heritage deep as hidden darkness, sisters three how covetous of the grimoire. Collectors and reciters, dispel your protections reveals thee, sickly meals of traveler succumb, perpetual bliss, forever midnight moonlight, green with envy, or love spell, tell your victims before you carve them much, ne'er-do-wells, spells without sanity, sensational. The puritans will find you, carry you their crosses soon at the bottom of rivers, smiling if they knew you not, if broken be discarded, survival, sight, rest with silence of nature, disturb not the old ways and raise your blessed Cain in secret, taken by vampire. The brothers at brothel perhaps, natural selection, vexation, be not lost, nor sorrowing, mark your place in your spell books and make certain wit, turn to dust before true sorcery, or bait you will become.

These are the times of darkness, the powers of worlds, make humans revel in their own hostility, band we must but not of trust, sacred, the doors between worlds perilous and only opened in certain secrecy, unite under banner of perilous hour, spiritual, we shall quicken the dead. Unspoken covens, convention of heresy, steadfast, silent night, sorcery before the trusted spirits, vanish into myth and leave mysteries to explore, diminish.

Despicable zealots, the air is thin and burning, true to from deviate, the vigorous consumes your profits from which no tax will set you free, suffer you at final hour, debtors to conscription and profligate usury, mercy gain of solitude, arrogance entitlement, all houses against you, continuum. The dead have eyes, without prejudice or pride the trade commence, world of the child, ruined by angst and unions of terror, fallible, unconscious lies, your mongering party politics, ceaseless by the ages perilous to the youth of the future. Pooling blood of slavery with the spill of recourse fills oceans to siege your aristocracy. Save the freedom of choice, fate will call upon you, deliver us from vanity, naught, bottle your snake oil, liar, the living word, joy, evermore, stranger, innocent, wherewithal, and missionary, crier, of, lost in worlds new. Loathe, harlots spreading infirmity, naught, worshiper, naught, gypsy, endless bequeath, on your face, mirthless, disregard, in the city of the tower, dreamless, the laws of time, rhetoric, opportunity, worth, riders on the storm, drunk with false power, diabolism, diluted, curs, blight upon our growth, emotional obsession and compulsion.

Wretches and usurpers trite, sin to scorn, cowards, triflers, ambivalent, blasphemer, blind in darkness, protégé, invisible, and demons bring your angels death, fires erupt and steal the surrendering. Rich unto wealth, heart of stone, how could i worship Satan if you could tell, how would I get into heaven if I had any markings, eternal power, shallow, deadly times call to deadly maker, audacity, darkness, true, negative, ignorant to the wise.

Murderous creation, fearless to effect, ally to the duplicitous imposter, in the kingdom of thunder, beneath the empire Odin, travelers by lightning, religious, dangerous, with wiles to keep their foes frozen immemorial by powers of jade, cannons in the fire valley, survivors none, hidden, lineage, bastion, original sin.

With great lord Judas, drinker of first blood, sleeping in the dust of the red desert, grave or cave, burnt upon the cross, a lonely coffin. The conversion has already begun, traitor, from the earth, feign to a master, the head of a snake, painter of minds, hard and brittle, the mist, shadow, father of sin, soulless, scholar. Purveyor, messianic, deceiver, power, hunger, fettered to the cold dark wastelands of eternity, with blood sword, immortal precedent, sardonic, giver of true death, witness to hell, witch hunter, by an old feud, restless fugue, beyond wealth, beyond power, fugitive of life.