19 February 2012


“God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed.”
~~Luis Bunuel

The line between liberalism and atheism is very faded. The attempt to forgive all creates spite for martyrs and men. ‘Leave us alone, there is no creator but us, the laws we understand cannot be changed’, I’m a federalist, proud supporter of constitution & bill of rights this is just to prove a point, no one should share an opinion, organizations are in default perceived as monarchies, and the constant contradictions of either religion-of-not-religion or government of absenteeism. When human life is valued by trends, bane, or ethnic appearance, instead of the character behind those things, human life is devalued.

I'm a conservative, then a republican, but I would rather talk to republicans than socialists, a businessman knows what they need and the redistributions only assume to know vaguely. Most of them are Rino neocon libertines, most of the internet junkies of the right-wing took into the argument of conservatism in a traditional liberal format for the office of socialist in chief and I laughed (while W. Buckley Jr. rolled in his grave). I don't consider myself a republican, I believe myself to be conservative, not going out much, hating cults, the usual resentment of wolves in sheep clothing that oddly no one can see, and I agree with the GOP, for now. With some resistance for expressing this these things can change, but the trouble of the season has been how people who hate the CIC for being inexperienced and creating the situation we have, they would rather pick another just like him and scream that no one is a conservative, in the liberal fashion. They despise being called liberals, even though they are, what they hate in the president is that he's a socialist (…communist), or more accurately his policies are, but fanatics and atheist worshippers cling to it like nationalists.

They don't like war, but don't consider that soldiers voluntary enlist and are doing the actual fighting, I seem arrogant I’m sure - but liberals don't want borders either, they claim there is no need for a war, but won't deny that there is terror. Gov’t shouldn't be intrusive but should protect them while they explore their "libertarian" emotions, which I think is just another word for liberal, especially if classical-liberalism. I’ve read a libertarian author once that said something to the effect of -- liberalism is stretched between the battle of conservatism and socialism -- which is a derivation from that author’s libertarian ideology by telling others and wasting personal time, it is also to an effect libertine, progressive, change out of boredom but not necessity, so I’ve decided to insist on hating socialism all the same, charity is a much better concept and less consumerist. So I take the advice and attack socialism in a more liberal creative nature, a different course of offense, and I make the liberal help me attack in the name of socialism, how's that for libertarian.

Telling people how to be conservative is fairly autocratic, and because of my knowledge of cult behavior living on earth, a displeasing familial pseudo Buddhist SGI cult-of-personality, being surrounded by narcissists, I believe liberalism to be the cousin of communism unknown and distanced in a dirty genetic pool, the sort of "bulls on parade" mentality that slaughtered innocents in perennial aggression with the fragrance of ignorance and illiteracy espoused by philistines since the dawn of time. So yes, the inexperience of one is to foolishly be replaced by another equally unqualified person, instead of picking an experienced candidate.

A complex ingeniously woven explanation not seated in reality and without facts, no more than an opinion, a magisterial narrative, conservative-liberal-socialist, being-feeling-thinking-doing, public-private, politics. Would you rather listen to an isolationist or talk with a libertarian? Imagine tranquility, and then fire a liberal-socialist.
Success is doing your best, and trying to do better, and recognizing when you've won. ‘Establishment’ what a joke, you’ve got to admire in some light the bumper stickers on cars that read, “end corporate rule!” attached to a car made and fueled by corporations, another sticker reads, “stop the empire” as if liberal nerd wasn’t enough they would up the ante by gathering everyone into a despotic empire to stop a functional establishment that makes medicine cheaper thru innovations and makes innovations cheaper by acknowledging merit.

The necessary evil does not choose itself, it may choose to be punitive, but the conservatives know their enemies and will not be silent, the innocent have been made irrelevant by their silence. The Socialists, Communists, and with recent resurgence the Saracen have chosen this fight, they now have just enough time to pray to whatever god they wish, let us pray they make peace. There isn't a lot of reality Left to my fantasy, my solipsist dissociation tells and turns me to sleep, to the font I have yet to share, I. The #occupy movement is racist, subhuman, and full of Bolshevik meandering that will turn violent. Policy and process, not protest. They forget their allocated subsidies, the benefit of coffers. Faster than a protected class can become insolent, the socialist becomes greedy and morally twisted.

The sleepers are loathe leading the movements in fruition, soon are the despots to supplicate the fervent disaster, tent cities, half the population idle, ‘democrat’ leaders speechless by ignorance. The attention spans of the brutish elite were too short for successful convergence, in the eyes of occidentals and far longer ago by aborigines. A self-reliant nightmare their lifespan was about twenty-five years, cutout a few details and it’s time to diagnose the layers of liberal. The diagnostic are curious, the agnostics are surveying, and the atheists are annoying.

Factionalism, feudalism, and failure, are what fatefully awaits a fascist doctrine of futile communism. They expound on what has failed but have in fact neglected to capitalize, their greed consumes them, and then fails them. Communism is consumerism, it hopes to meritlessly increase production to suit the greed of all people, instead of imbuing ethical standards and practices that offer an understanding of value to people. A free society understands the value of items until they are free, the crime that ensues when property rights are revoked is merely a precursor to opprobrium, the envy of criminals will bring the so called "communisms" to its proverbial knees, and will continue to do so until money is not an element of economics. Exceptional capitalism evokes a natural mettle, ‘the apple is high we must climb and use our earned energy’, it's participants share the moral responsibilities in a social contract, those opposing religion, capitalism, responsibility, heterosexuality, and their community are traitors to their species. Capitalism is society, when the old ways of agrarianism ended, the agrarians began to expand unto each other's borders and industrialism began, it is there capitalism begins, when we must become one without fascism, so that the individual may be ruler of their own lives.

The communist manifesto is an odd book, its primary tenet is that individuality and freedom can only exist with servitude and dictators, if you find a copy you should put it in a time capsule or burn it, and give its purveyor a golden shower.

I hate to weave depression with an ultimatum, even if I had spoken it, it wasn’t one for them, worse than renouncing “these truths to be self-evident” they’ll forget them by sunrise, a communist isn’t that smart. It takes intelligence to understand humor, hitherto they like people to suffer for their whims, you may like a dose of childish shenanigans naturally, they may like a bit of crime with their punishment. Freedom reflects not that the American dream is to help others, but to help those who crazy people would punish and call political dissidents.

The market gamblers paid a tax before they hit the casino, taxing their winning is another communist insult, to seemingly intimidate and swallow the sword they gave free houses, I’ll leave your imagination to reckon how that ended, I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t pretty, quick to draw and fend communists from the city walls and purge them properly from within temptation. I’m sure that there has always been a fair share of cretins wandering the planet. Just as much the past was the same as it is, let me paint a picture for you. Where it is warm there are a growing number of tent cities, everywhere homeless shelters are beginning to fill, so much that families with women and children are being rejected and sent to the forest, the high-school unemployment rate is nearing sixty percent, in real terms selfish aristocrats think that these punished people deserve it by the way our currency fares in the world, odd isn’t it, despite the fact that so many are worse than they were twelve years ago, in this stretch of high unemployment longer than the last Economic Depression. Some estimates are in belief, and I stress the dismal faith in belief, that the unemployment level is fifty percent. I drive a truck, in the past few years I don’t think I’ve seen more people living in cars, some are even families driving across the country, perhaps the president doesn’t see this because he’s too high on his horse.

Let’s decry the impetuousness of these liberals with two examples one fictional and one actual, a rhetorical defense. How many crew died as Ahab chased his white whale; how many towns went unprotected as Alexander the Great abandoned them for his travails eastward to expand a cartographer’s definition of empire?

So I say to hell with your final solutions and pure massacres! With a lot of give & a little take, or a lot of take and a little give, we have to earn, if you do not, you are the beast without honor. If you burn my flag intentionally, your fuel will soon perish, and I will bring you fire. I may be forced to call you flaggettes. From the mountain where I breathe danger, to the valley whence I seethe anger, I will bring you most honorable death. I had wondered what your prophet's threats were, in a field of slain despots, while your books burn of sin. Told to put no other before god, I will see evil in the faces of the lost, heaven and hell fight over you, I am a better heathen surviving nine worlds, of gods and their entire armies, fuck your entire society, suffer, writhe, wander. Worry of two worlds of afterlife, one to smite the sinners, the other to punish them, until the nine armies curse this world in which you dream. The people of ever-present change urged the lost to forsaken misfortune, then betrayed them. The protests of communists are being initiated to supply the “crisis”, that the republicans are wise to refuse the fascist dictator.

All liberals build walls to protect themselves in a facade that they think is more interesting than honesty and open emotion, expose them or they will succor illusion. While conservatives argue the best among them, and while I’m not a big fan of sweet emotion I’ll be voting in referendum against aristocracy, feckless spenders for unscrupulous deviants can eat shite.

Freedom means that the willing can belong, and the able can accept responsibility without speaking for others. If you’re a communist, feudalist, or masochist, you cannot be free. If fiat is allowed in the free world, the scourge will gain dictatorial power, the power exercised by the worst tyrants in time, destroying life because it does. The liberal that claims a classical liberalism speaks of a conservative time, a place of simple things. Liberal is the way of free and noble birth, an egalitarian ambition, but one I consider naïve. Children are liberal and often know very little, a government should be liberal, its people should not. The American dream nursed in freedom with populist factions seething emotion, a democracy must most certainly exist, but it is not the answer to secessionist leaders, it must be from the family of humanity and encouraged to provident victory, by competition and private property, dare I say greedy acquisition.

The radical factionalism detests accomplishment, punishes success, and subsidizes ignorance. The concerted effort to diminish order and wealth brings the lowest standard of living, their social injustice to achieve no human right for a fear of competition. Competition promotes an evolution of successful persons, meritocracy and the end to standards of living. The minimum wage is a maximum efficiency delimiter to incentive. Failings can be demoted and the successful rewarded, the few fools can be taught while enduring lengthy education. Throngs of violence, radicalism and hyperpartisanship sway with volatility thru the minds of liberals and the youth, much has social science long known. It washes entitled thieves and greedy liars like clockwork for those of us that know them, an adolescent drinks and binges, an adult is a drunk, we must protect ourselves rather than create armies against us.

Censure bastards instead of being a society poisoning its wealth, the fickle brevity of democracy must only be replaced with another democracy, because they are the only way to eliminate the causes and remove the effects of anarchy, federalists should ever beware the separatist pawns. Anyone can be the voice of a new youth 'culture', but if you're going to start rumors and hyperbole silence yourself, the highly emotional rationale that ideals and brilliance are similar, that anxiety is caused by fair trade and open commerce when nothing could be farther from the truth. The republicans have been working all the while as liberals and atheists rejoining humanity are desperately grey for reality that they will not attain. The conservative writings seem so critical and honest because in the past they have reported atrocity as oppose the liberal cry for wolf.

The failings of liberalism is as an ideology, and conflict, and mentioning feigned violence, but alas when they write "because of violence, all the flowers are wilting" the liberals all use selective hearing to notice only the object of their affection “flowers” and the modal/operative verb, to fuel their vicarious modus operandi. A child in grandeur hallucination never dreams that they are wrong, not until disciplines we're reminded, read "Lord of the Flies", not until nature or nurture convenes does order begin, violence is not the answer, education is, if it were not, we'd be emotional beasts of untenable ambition.

As with most liberal politics I could be absolutely wrong, are the dividers antiheroes, spies watching the parties in which they are enlisted and misleading it from further disrepute, they are tainted as in conjecture repeatedly do they mention the impurity of "elites" and wealthy as the breeding ground for greed. As much as this panegyric does, it would have an opportunity for liberals to garner their suspicions while the statespersons save the city on the hill, humanity is an egg. By the hand of capitalism the president could always reintroduce the Glass-Steagle act by repealing Clinton's financial fuck-up act, it would put him in the pseudo libertarian ticket position, reckless populism is not nationalism, then again he could be the false prophet or the antichrist. As a wandering crier I hate borders, as a republican I love them, and for whatever whichever reason, like classifications, but not labels or races. If there are races, is the sectarian boosting morale after years of race baiters and plebian activists feeding on pop culture, are the czars a hiding tactic, they are a deafeningly expensive mistake if they are in ruse, or have they made real summons leading to sentencing, the socialist expenditures have exceeded the costs of simply cutting taxes and will exceed future record-level-spending in two terms, as the country will fall to economic ills.

A republican is a denizen of a gov't of the people, for democrats this is unsuitable for they choose to always vote for change and power, a wing is not a foot, and all cats are grey in the dark.

The violent revolutions and illiberal reforms are seditious reconstructions. The nationalists typically seek their damage from the top down, "death from above" genocide to end all genocide. The communists seek their coups from the bottom, a "united front" against half the populous, injustice to end injustice, either kills dissidents without proof. Radical terrorist theocracies are the worst of both bad fascist worlds, gambling is for the man who isn't blind.

Guilds are the clandestine orders, utopian socialism is a fallacy, and trade unionism unites countries not states (NAFTA), revolutions for unions are justified but by them is anarchy, cronyism is corruption, and these are part of the old well-known laws. Revisionism creates darkness by erasing the truth, general strikes abandon victory as much as they abandon efficiency, and syndicalism is needless secularism, these lead explicitly to only one option, in these variations (as of late) cooperative economics for classical liberalism capitalists, corporatism for conservative capitalists, labor rights for the socialist capitalists, and mutual aid for religious conservatives.