19 February 2012


“A declining institution often experiences survival of the unfittest.”
~~John McCarthy

The deceiver asks for extended debt, with leniency until abusive, repeatedly until permanent and pernicious, objectivism puts everything in place to achieve movement without distraction, mistakes without attention go unnoticed, with the protests against desperation a delineation occurs between different circumstances, speaking truth to power doesn't change time, complaints irrelevant only serve to diminish credibility, power is mostly earned the as to each unto our own, comparing substance to argument only ties the line from spectator to instance as impenetrable yet also overwhelming envy. No one is better than another who is not a criminal, appeasing the insurmountable source of life that is eternal law a plague of witnesses would not change the fact that gotten is what is earned and in a free society one gets to keep it.

This is the flaw of consumerism, fervently blaming those with wealth as if it were an emergency instead of ending the support of that wealth, by boycott the free will of trend retains the power by condemnation of foes only the incentive to become the antithesis is lost, thereby in error proving that shallow consumerism is more sacred than evolution/life, seeking deduction the question queues - how long will these adults act as children do?

This president has done things that the public has not taken in harmony, aside from someone who taught constitutional law passing a bill for healthcare that doesn't bring down costs with an unconstitutional mandate, he approved it's constitutionally defiant nature, satiated with congress not having time to read it before it became the law of the land in the free world (UNFREE DUE TO MANDATES), and putting his name on it. The larger grief spawns from his corruption; waivers, exceptions to the mandated participation are given to those with opulent health coverage already, because they contributed to his campaign, often with taxpayer dollars, or were the rhetoric distribution minions of his election. By a bill that had no mandate to educate new doctors, for the aging sick and tired, who would also be the practitioners of our treatment, understaffed by half years ago the quality of service has nowhere to go but refuse. more debt than countries can suffice, more burden than freedom allows, more waste than kings, with nothing but hope to get us thru each night's rest, "With public attention focused on the GOP primaries, the White House quietly promoted another self-dealing lobbyist to serve as President Obama's top domestic policy adviser. " with him abandoning capitalism and defying blatant logic these employee unions have compulsory dues as factionalist bastions of slavery, fascist liberalism, despotic totalitarianism, miscreants and shitheels, cretins and buffoons, liars and whores, each with the lamentations of freedom they so swiftly perpetually erase.

I breath poison blood for genocidal maniacs, we are the life for the free world, a democratic underground, civil war, let not the tyrants sleep. We are at our high point when we do our best, and at our low when we endorse sin, and though hypocritical as it may be, learned by our mistakes we must try to prevent others from apocalyptical choices, a child must be shown and a fool must be made, I remember a point in my life, a son I taught to be agile the ways of men and morals, and this evil wench one day hit him for not doing his studies, she was/is the eternal fiancé of a non-Christian religion, a violent act instead of removing a reward, when I taught the young squire to fight, the result of not defending was contact, even thus much less than a strike, the proof-point one may say, her hitting him during lesson dissuades him from teachers, no different than the abuse of a kidnapper, Stockholm syndrome occurs leaving the poor behavior to be respected, espoused, encouraged, and reproduced, I digress, but not for nothing a long story short, it was better to intervene on the side of the innocent. There is a short poem called The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost), which was not called sitting until we die at a fork in the road, verily segue confessional, this remnant tale becomes a liberal instance of incident.

A bleeding heart liberal believes the customer is not always right, they believe that the person who is the loudest is the smartest. The full saying is, 'the customer is always right or asking for something intangible', and someone asking for conflict is not a customer and is a thief. Does a person's physical traits make them inexplicably invalid, no, years of poor breeding has done that, the polygamists and xenophobes and dolts have thinned the genetic makeup to a few struggling physical capabilities, which one, whilst identify.

Be careful, what is sought is found, seeking a flaw one will find it, because the customer is always right or asking for the impossible, one can buy that there is a character flaw in certain species or sub-species if preferred to say, but the goal of understanding the logic of illogic is unattainable and the seeker made to endure the next best thing, being one of them. The supreme irony is that they believe he who is loudest is the first, for the best idea to be the loudest one. The possibility to be categorically flawed eludes the lout; therein the need for analytical and practical memory is lost to the signal and attack mentality of hunters, passed to the next generation each time separating from societal capability.

The conservative measure is analytical theory in practical use, independent thinking mix of helpfulness and teamwork, but the only thing a predator conserves is a need to sharpen its teeth. Similar to drones they are the hunters put to the place which Jung would call archetype. Much of the confusion comes from not knowing the language, there's Britain and North America, the 'western' world and we spend our time wondering why fascists won’t add totalitarian success to their philistine philosophy.

The communists despise capitalism when they really despise consumerism, as well they should. Westerners of the free world, of the new world, hate communism when they really mean to say socialism, as well they should. Consumerism denies people choice for the greed of others, socialism denies success for the apathy of others, such to dare draw the parallel of a plant that needs a balanced intake of earth, air, fire, water, love, too much or too little, a dichotomy of microcosm. Liberal means animal, nomad or niche, predator or prey, free and noble, natural and interactive. Veritably we are not the animals. We control our emotions and battle our shadowy demons; it is our best to do without pestilent libertines constantly reminding all how they wish to not be bothered and the ways of irony to do so.

Some service members urinated on a dead enemy terrorist, I wish I could piss on dead terrorists, it's the least I could do, and still less offensive than terror. Most people would, people desperately want to shit in the mouths of dead terrorists so much that they sometimes make enemies of their innocent fellow countrymen, we like a good victory and a spiritualizing hero story, and with loss of translation the other languages want the same thing, we want peace and televised torture of terrorists, or at least the comfort to know that evil is being fought. Should neither the capital nor the community be trusted we would all be latent isolationists.

Rapid industrialization without consumer demand resulted in the thieves being the only recipients, the manufactured products rarely make it to market, and capitalism is thus post industrialism. The consumerists with resources ignorantly want profit, in the west we say east, in the east they say west, and nationalization along lines drawn around existing free people only serves to induce militarization, without enlistment, recruitment without war turns on the citizenry and soon mass penury. Multiple instances begin an arms race, acquired for offense.

Hypocritical and contradictory production of abundance strains supply and demand until a conflict of logic occurs, should more be produced than cost will not supplant wages, should less be produced than costs of an impoverished nation will become burdensome, awhile two-thirds of a corrupt consumerist society, the haves and have-nots, argue, the third of free people suffer egregiously. A documented system of slavery for the means of industrial power, to bolster productivity, to justify imperialism, the communist countries are the worst offenders of capital imperialism and the military industrial complex, but in democracies socialists aspire for this failure as well.

When communists speak ill of capitalism, they're actually denouncing consumerism. Capitalism is industrialism.  The word communism is pretty, but the politics of it are atrocious.

              "In the capitalist West, industrialization was a by-product of rising agricultural productivity. As output per farmer increased, fewer farmers were needed to feed the population. Those no longer needed in agriculture moved to cities and became industrial workers. Modernization and rising food production went hand in hand. Under communism, in contrast, industrialization accompanied falling agricultural productivity. The government used the food it wrenched from the peasants to feed industrial workers and pay for exports. The new industrial workers were, of course, former peasants who had fled the wretched conditions of the collective farms."

              "The most important fact to understand about the economics of communism is that communist revolutions triumphed only in heavily agricultural societies. Government ownership of the means of production could not, therefore, be achieved by expropriating a few industrialists."

A typical reactionary if content says nothing, wants only what their demagogue asks, and seeks an automaton army to sympathize with them, misery loves company, society is not the same, if people have dissent a society listens a regime does not, if the people are discontent society helps socialists do not, if the people oppose the president society listens to their concerns liberal media does not, thus far I’ve found much pertinence and validity to their many arguments, this means that the president who has held the belief that we must ration our belongings instead of rationally grow our vested interests. Our exceptionalism cannot be depleted and he sells solutions to the problems he has created or supported, four years of inadequacy do not tempt me to indulge in the goals of a madman, as the complaints against him grow, they are further proven with facts, leading me to despise the president, and I hold abjectly, first and foremost, the belief that people who despise me for hating ineptitude are themselves inept. I do not argue with them nor do I bother to ask the world why they are cretins, I may however exploit their actions in literary means for a good laugh, as they are often the punch line of a joke in which they are the fool. Why would anyone leave a legacy such as leaves the president? It's a communist treason that exploits fools for their full worth leaving the conservatives in full wroth, but my concern is that socialists can’t earn and liberals can't teach, if the conservatives are fighting the other two, no one is teaching the children any form of morality. Why would he have such a failure as the president adamantly displayed proudly for all to see on indefinite record? He defames his party, his gender, his "race", his culture (if there is any), and his people. This perplexes me the way that most courtships do, he hates the rich but takes their money and helps no charities, he hates society's wealthy disenfranchising entrepreneurs and incentivizing poverty, I have seen these people and they are not intuitive or curious, I am so very surprised that I am myself awake, and what has he done but made more rules and fewer opportunities, less opportunity, divided and separated us, and compared the red-blooded Americans to the tyrants of the French revolution. Viva Napoleon.

Often wrong yet never unsure I hear the voices in my head feel sympathies for ways of life that are not republican, that all forms of government stand a chance to do good things, these thoughts of ignorant liars spawn of purest evil will subside, democratic capitalism is the only way, it does not war nor behest without cause, it does not starve or enslave, perhaps the degenerates feel manipulated into worthiness, it does not forsake the next generation. Capitalist principles are how we survive, without the dependences of need success comes to those with dependencies of emotion, a proven fact of undoubted contention, the key hypocrisy belongs to the irony of dispute.

Disputation the most infuriating question is how could they support what they know is wrong, and the answer is distraction, these communists calling themselves "liberals" want so many things in only moments they will forget the valuable lesson and in solitude they will create imaginary enemies who have done the crimes that belong to a long list of offenses perpetrated by the delusional adversaries - examples; they want to be right, they want you to be wrong, anyone can be right as long as you're wrong, they must be right (in arrogance) because you oppose them, they are right and you must die, or you must die because equality is a lack thereof, or they must belong to a majority even if imagined or cult theologies in error, because they need to be the same as others, to win the approval of people they idolize and have never met, or in delusion suspect of success because of a desire to fit into impossible standards not in demand insomuch even the demands of their private and unshared thoughts - simple enough, crazy is crazy, the poor will always be with you, and the crazies will always be in the shadows, or in the light distracting you, or turning you against each other.

They take from the innocent until I am crazy, curses, fie, rue the day, and allow me to show you to my mind in this allegory soliloquy. The full moon is brighter than the streetlights, high moon, near death in solitude my hearing of minds it grew, still only of those who have thought, still only of full thoughts and memories, what their eyes see only flash into their memories and serve me little conversational fuel and fail intrinsic worth as they are usually in the room with me. Long thoughts can come thru and typical of mimicked pragmatic and practical deductive logic, but can be done with the right amount of electricity and white noise. The evil will imbue its ways unto the children and they will survive broken but alive, it was the mad hatter that taught the March hare to be as mad as, liken the dormouse, the rest were puppets or dead moppets.

Steel your minds, forge your conservative values, stay your liberalities, and welcome to the industrial era.

The missing divine law, nations will survive only if opposed to intolerance, a combatant of dystopian governments, and a learned and intellectual community in opposition to malice, to espouse freedom, expression, and avocation. It is best to do these things with common law hitherto social morality, Roman law hitherto martial law, and the constitution. Ethical tactics fall into the category of impractical emotional logic, darkness begets darkness.

The American Revolution is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship. In attempt to accept everything the unadventurous attempt to mystically accept success, delusion, in hopes to will a miracle. The liberal wants foremost their erstwhile freedom, avoiding fate is the blatant ironic microcosm, the socialist wants emphatic impetuosity in lieu of ritualistic terror, conservatives are at war with monotony but are afforded the luxury of knowing the differences of good and evil and having a moral barometer.

The worst people are the biggest cowards, they fear what they so obviously do not understand, and so they destroy, are their wrath what god fears, is it more apparent that liberals and socialists cannot prevail against the communists. Devout to the anointed incompetent liar, a reprehensible fantasy wrapped in vanity, and a coward, the law extricates victims from undeclared wars and genocide, soldiers are visiting to assist localities under extreme duress, those who deceive the law must be returned their infractions before the innocent are lost.

Communists hate everybody, socialists hate anybody, and capitalists are the only ones practicing equality. The communists want their despotic controls. The socialists want access to fascism because they see the confidence of the other two archetypes and mostly resort to finding scapegoats to espouse their indefensible conjecture. The capitalists endorse free will, promote fair doctrines, and create liberty for the masses. It’s no wonder that the evil children hate them. We used to celebrate when a country regained democracy, now the hipsters want it taken away, a pitiful & pathetic 'people'.

A conservative takes the win, a socialist takes taxes, and a liberal takes the credit. We were the freedom seekers, the old world abandoned us and spoke ill of us, then we began to write and it was not long before we realized that the old world wanted to kill us, they want to bring the filth that is called communism, but has nothing of community, either for leaving them or because it is a new pretty thing to kill, they are chaos and from it like a phoenix we will be order, they are cane and we are able, they are darkness and will burn to see alight. I will not have that filth ruin the air that I breathe, I will bring heaven down if necessary, and never can it blight justice and mercy. If the key to ending evil is not on the piano, then the song of freedom shall be played by ear, the children cannot hold a tune.

Let accomplishment show you how the liberal agenda or synergistic progressivism in the form of ideology looks like: disparity, desperation, deceit, to dispel, alarm!

I hate the president, no, I hate those who have led the position to an embarrassing farce, and I am wont to misunderstand why a legacy such a font of failure is purport. I love the country, yes, but the socialists have to gamble, liberals want to let them, leaving conservatives to clean the mess. Expat slaves, bought slaves, to start a refuge for slaves, then slaves from the old place attacked slaves in refuge; leaderless is liberal but susceptible to interpretative chaotic hell.

We're supposed to learn from our mistakes, faster when people show them to us, nothing but a fool of a person who makes them from day one, to know or not to know or against the verity of free spirit, I'm not attacking the president like some racist on a bender, I'm attacking his policies that I don't concur, so that he may represent me, or hear my wishes and fix if he is not, so far we disagree, diametrically and indirectly might I add, for the critiques, which we all are. I’m not an economist, and if I were shall I make the same mistakes, we are all critiques and it is easy to judge, but the problems persist by circumstance, happenstance, or enemy action, so I want anyone but a failure to continue to run the country. I gave the benefit of the doubt, if I am holistically cattycornered to the president's plan, despite my needs, his good intents are not enough, - it sounds like a communist letter of disapprobation - we have heard it all before, we have waited long enough, our time is now, and we will not be free until the prejudice has ended and the attrition stops, the socialists can learn to live without stolen money of others when they are refused, on the path of tyrants there will be nothing left to give, a conservative medicine is needed to sever the socialist leeches of society and the communist plague of man. and then the obligatory demands in opprobrium, "we give the following demands," nationalist if mention of eradication, class-warfare if mention of differentials. ‘And we demand power-ups and spawn points and join my clan or die’ the communists seem to say in reply with the same irony of the Caesars and other hordes. I've dealt a death blow to poetic justice, so let's continue.

One way solutions, can be constructive criticism and negative reinforcement, from both parties of an argument, simplifying as an equation is reductive, simplifying to generalize saves time, if everyone fits into a type  of label, then everyone will soon become enemies, faster the more trivial a name is of oneself. Example: RNC or DNC are American, supposedly, as long as they don't get demonic and want the other dead, ignorant to useful facts, than they both can argue and I can choose to listen, the choice is, as they begin to be blinded illumine for them, and when they annoy the social order of all things demanding loyalty to a war for the sake of non-interventionism (both sides do this) that they answer to what they hate to be called most obvious by their most recent and congenital actions.

Careful tho, an imperialist communist will kill you for thought crimes. The opposite of an imp-com is the nat-soc - get your vowels mixed up and you'll get a dirty joke. The national socialist will charge a martial war and forget the mortality of soldiers. Where the hypocrites will condemn what they overwhelmingly do, the tyrants will kill you and blame you for the same actions that you didn’t, in order to promote their imperialism and pride. There is a special place in hell for people like this, and ended classical feudalism, bring out the neo-classicalism.