19 February 2012


“Democracy is the name we give the people whenever we need them.”
~~ Marquis de Flers Robert & Arman de Caillavet

There was a young man, who became a monster, who killed quite a few people in Norway about a year ago, he plagiarized his own schizophrenic paranoia and selected works of others like him, so when people are to be reading this, I’ve convinced myself, for now, that I won’t become a psychopath, and besides that I get enough of it at home with my agoraphobia where I rule the world and think about different ways to kill the demons and their communist pawns.

Without profligates, savings generate wealth. Interest rates, market capitalism & a successful monetary policy increase circulation. If you read a capitalist flyer/pamphlet at a communist rally or later, your entire psyche won't be destroyed, be fair, make a choice. There is no alternative to capitalism, due to the permanence of supply and demand; a derivation is not fully democratic. The elected politician represents the people and can therefore decide for them, it may not always be good. Alternating parties in office is the same as having an alternative to actually voting. Election is a synonym of democracy; choice is the axiom of mortality. Capitalism means democracy, if equality precedes litigation and bureaucracy. Capitalism means freedom & responsibly, through great glory and honor. As of late, we are all on the same planet. Responsible capitalism creates wealth and prosperity for all. Under capitalism, anyone who works hard can become wealthy. The communist manifesto is a book to defeat the occult of communism, it reflects a delusion not based in reality, other than sedition. Capitalism in the exploited sense can easily exhaust itself, people must contribute to civilization. Socialism has bankrupt the world, US inflation is keeping it all afloat, this ship is sinking, don't say I didn't warn you.

I was kidding myself the other day that the angels must be taking jobs with demons, now that the communists are here, it’s hard to find good work. Does anyone else find it overwhelmingly disturbing that there's a healthcare law -- that covers abortion? If your ideas are not your own support socialism, if your brain is a digital ashtray support the network neighborhood that technocracy has provided you, but be well-warned, defenestration polity axiomatic ultimatum, prepare for war.  The Christian soldiers are given their rights by a god, the organized conservative republican army is invisible, the law is supreme by any standard, and the voice of reason is waiting for the idiots to silence themselves.

The lord works in mysterious ways, just as tragedy, I will have order or I will have yours, there are no exceptions to righteousness. For the privacy of warriors the state will establish no religion, the exemption for SPQR is an illegal contradiction, their exception to this disorder is still an insult, these communists are taking over everything, there won't be much to enjoy soon, “sorry future” makes a fitting havoc.

Unfortunately communist narcoterrorists want people in utopia dead, addicted, or both, because a free mind thinks for itself, the persecution of those who slayed the darkness. Pitifully a communist doesn’t know how to fight for the freedom of others. Oddly enough free will is a shaky bet, who knows if it won’t do something regrettable, that’s not a veiled threat. With monetary inflation, a favorite option for communists, old money gets bigger while new money gets smaller. The wage slavery of communitarianism is when someone asks a group to be identical and gathered, so they can control it, bothersome in schools, comprehensively disturbing at that point as they’ve yet to even enlist.

A patient tactician comes to eruditely believe that the means are greater than the ends by holding honor and justice as and in high providence. The slight of humanity desperate for gratification hastily thinks that the ends are greater than the means. The blind leading the blind it is called, as the concatenate perpetual disaster devolves the origin of species unto a drone insect, the ancestral counterparts long departed and sorely disgusting. As spawns they are libertine and of small import and duly of little consequence, unrewarded and disregarded they become untenable miserable fools. As adults we become liberal, accepting mortality or the indefinite articles of infinity, but those who attempt an obtuse nihilistic liberalism claim to understand causality, economics, freedom, and patronage, accepting false internal and external theories.

A deficit is spending more than reception. All taxes don't inherently belong to the state. Entitlement is a crooked one-way street. Stagecraft takes place of philosophy, soon the trust of politicians is infinitesimal, despite being the ones who are supposed to complain about the paisley state of things, and irresponsibility poisons these despots very early, affecting their memories and moralities. Unaccountable they decry an excuse here and there as if not fascist and naïve.

The state of the nation-state, the supposed leaders want to sit grown men for two years in an effort to ajar their own complicit failures. Forgotten but not forgiven, their idle-unemployment serves dually as an insult to state efficiency yet separate but equal to the egregious distraction to half a clan forsaken, primarily the youth. It is easier to say that if not of the solution explicit to the problem, but more accurate to say if not ignorant, indolent.

The technologists and poetic literates are bigger than all the other political parties combined, sought of economists and strong republicans, heedful to their deeds among the insignificant, kings and queens in the shadows until leaving life in their wake. The feeble ideas of protectionists purport extortion, but the relief will end in all directions, the prey will dig for the disappearing root only to dry with it in the sunlight, which itself mercies the world and does not scorn from time to time. Mandatory minimum wages seems like a slave definition of income inequality the same way mandatory minimum sentencing sounds like a lawyer’s artifice.

If inflation moves into negative numbers by natural fiscal accountability/responsibility, while tied to minimum wage, what happens? I’m completely-guessing that a wage stays at its current level, if minimum wage is tied to a negative trending inflation rate. Penultimate tying of minimum wages to inflation, is an idea simply, it sops the money that would otherwise go to usurers, or perhaps end the despotic totalitarian monarchist and imperialist communism; just a thought.

Humanity belongs to the divine language and knowledge, stoicism doesn’t mean screaming, that’s for liberals and the impatient, conservative or not, do something about the future. The insane remain clarions to what might have come to power for what might have come to be, when they’re keeping a massive entitlement system and dumping it on the next generation.  Conservatives are wisely stubborn, republicans proudly vanguard, together they collapse when the children won’t focus on elections and instead infatuate themselves with social issues. Voting was once the pinnacle of a republic and a proud thing for learned peoples.

I truly hope that a conservative nature includes republican values. Liberals and conservatives will accept different things while circling the divide, if one would do research the other wouldn't escape responsibility en extreme.

Remember in “The Ring,” if you watch the tape you die in 7 days, sort of the same, I feel if I read your liberal bullshit I’ll get brain damage. The way that pure liberalism, affirmative action, leads to destructive-socialism, moderate theocracy leads to its radical form.

The places against capitalism and democracy are the most inhumane slavish places on earth; my solution for them is democratic capitalism. In the free world it is what we use, we hold in high regard our freedom of religion, most of us, it allows a free market and prosperity second to none to endure whilst enticing the people of this planet and winning new immigrants every day consistently since our creation, freedom is the only viable alternative to death. You can still be any faith, but you cannot be any fury, you can be any idea, but you cannot be any idiot, you can have any voice, but you cannot have any violence, you can make any profound choice, but you cannot make any proverbial chains.

I read a quote as follows from the great traitor Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. In fighting the slavery practices of communism, complete by legal state writ, we must end the typical increasingly untrustworthy promise of career politicians without economic education. The redistributionist policies are all written in hobby by affluent socialists and magniloquent intellectuals who have attested their writings to be theory and moreover sociological, in other words, untested diatribe. With my unmentionable savory reference to it and the halfwit en masse republics it is another pointless example of something that looks good on paper. The ability of those who can speak to say they want slave communes that don’t fight it’s despotism, outright and duly thus, when the world needs fewer inept communists not practicing what they preach.  

We live in the free world, hence there has never been a need for communism here in the western alliance, it reared its ugly head and a civil war began in the US, as well as other conflicts in several of the south countries, and we lost Cuba. There are still remnants and aging fakers who can’t adapt to modern culture, longing for feudalism and popular culture from the past, and there’s even one for president, and I quote, “people don’t get rich on their own” said the leader of the now endangered free world, when the perfect refute is that there are such people, they are called capitalists. Communism is an invalid's argument. When social theory threatens your life, remind them of domestic justice. America escaped communism, which has no freedom, it is time for the old world.

Some people will do anything to get out of work, they're called communists. In communion you are given sustenance and are one with the holy spirit, in communism you give and are given nothing, you are rarely if at all rewarded based on bias and not merit, because merit has no place in communitarianism, often people by this starve to death buried in a system of favoritism, which has more deaths than all natural causes combined occurring during times of peace, and without community in a sense of war, unless wage slavery invokes a serf conflict ordered by a castigating despot. Feudalism without nobility, it is the root of all evils, envy, a strategy of unseeing that enslaves those who cannot be invisible to a brutal fascist totalitarian dictatorship. Nihilist objectivism in feeble irrationality addled further by immature child monstrosities that audaciously and arrogantly dare call themselves men. The same can be said of any abuser, be sure to remind the retarded commies when you ridicule them for their penchant of ineptitude.  Desiring to be kings, they murder more in times of peace than all the other wars.

From experience; capitalism is fighting for love, communism is fighting for power, absolute power corrupts absolutely, love is absolute and infinite, god is love, the capitalist gathers personal freedom, while the communist seeks power over others, to remove wants desires and greed but is unable to revoke those emotion, committing treachery and possibly treason it removes incentive for success causing freedom and choice to be punished and binding a liberal value to illiberal actions instilling a generation of evil on the earth.

The cold war is not over, we must be indifferent to the wants of terrorists while they exist, and we must purge injustice from the land. The calm must cull the turbulence of the hellions who are the same, crying "sovereignty" with different names; Russia still sells weapons to genocidal totalitarian "theocratic" militias. North Korea is still 'democratic' and starves tens of thousands to death each year. China builds empty pointless factories for show; the "party" steals successful business like mafia philistines, and has horrendous gulags full of innocents. Venezuela partakes in regular "military communism reforms" to kill the local economy. These places will not know what law is until they are swinging from the boughs and gallows.  Do Americans see the disgusting and disappointing similarities when "Fast and Furious" guns are given to Mexico, when class-warfare attacks the capitalists thereby depleting economic strength vis-a-vis GDP momentum, when the administration buys 'green' businesses with absurd business models, when gov't intervention and centrism nationalizes entire industries or monetizes the national debt accrued by faulty economic theories only to downsize productivity (thus diminished lowered costs and conveniences, negating modern science in the name of self-deification)?

Communism is a theory proven unreliable and outright wrong, espousing that the state should own all and the individual should own nothing, resulting in decremented productivity and penury. the distrust of capitalism is more a dual contention, firstly of the resentment incapable feudalists have for egalitarian capitalism, and secondly an ignorance fueled by inscrutable circular logic of many intellectual yet uninformed prejudice guesses, one of which is a simple lack of translation, the capital of a country is seen as the recipient in the way that capitalists see the law of community, tho a free society has private property, they may argue that freedom comes from commitment, but responsibility before choice is obviate slavery. If you don't like the word capitalism, you can always say alchemy, if it makes you feel any better. Communism inspires degeneracy and feudalism, capitalism creates humans.

Obama, as other communists, sold-out to Green St., Auto St., Health St., Wall St., and welfare's Easy St., if he isn't Uncle Tom, I don’t know what-the-fuck he is. Let’s review very briefly the history of France for the children. Imperial communism tortured the French, enter Joan of Arc and the war, democracy, freedom, imperial communism, enter Napoleon and the war, democracy, freedom, and to now. Let's do what Napoleon did, let's defeat these murderous liberals hiding in our schools and churches, teaching our children atrocity as necessity, and embrace conservatism.

The saddest part of the political debates is hearing someone say that conservatism is an ideology, when by definition, conservatism is preservation, it is how mothers protect their young, and fathers tend to the fields, it is where ideology ends and pragmatism begins. Your liberal communist parents spoke of responsibility, yet the debt is the burden of the children, your parents weren't responsible, for a hundred years, socialists have sold you down the river.

Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Some legislators try to attack union-representative bargaining-rights when they could instead make a successful right-to-work state. You can be disliked for doing the wrong thing, but not feeling remorse makes you evil. Slavery isn’t working; we live our dream and have fun, until liberals/socialists force a vast nightmare, desperate to seek the unknown as most would rather be living their life.

People are not the same, if they were we wouldn't use names, why restrict oneself to a single demographic when anyone can become something unique, perhaps for unknown strangers, but when they share their screams of hatred it is well known that what makes them complete is a multitude of traits and an affinity for not getting what they truly desire in life. Instead of being another afflicted with class envy try to aspire, if not overtly getting a liberal education and wealth, or a vocational education and wealth, or a beatnik education and wealth. The joy of life is not being a commoner unless per se to be a child of a great nation, individually leading revolution and not joining any cult of personality that comes alongside, this desperation for conformity makes even sympathizers noxious. Strength comes from within forged in experience, a result of fate that all people must endure, unless able to transcend existence to astral project, defying time to remind oneself that they are staring into a void.

Fight for motivation kept from conscious no different from the diversions of cynical sardonicism and aspersions of the worthy, reclaim initiative and empower or fall beneath the river, drowning in an inferiority complex. We are a nature of nurture or a force of reckoning, learning from mistakes includes vanguard success because the ignorance of others cannot teach most things, to attack the value of others without a devoted life of poverty is well beyond the reach of trusted allies. Temptation is a choice of indulgence suited best by wisdom and not compulsion, good or evil opportunities occur in life the best of which are good and the worst of which are evil, to support felonious actions even by neutrality causes people to claw their way to survival in a pit of extinction, never with prosperity and conservatism they eventually perish, the ranks replenished thru prejudice and apathy.

Keep an open mind, not a destructive mandate of perpetual cosmic change, when believing to have attained knowledge of everything, one is blind, this fascism does not debate, it defames the opinion(s) of truth, the voice of anger should burn, the voice of death should be buried, the voice of reason should be watered, and the voice of lies should be lost to the wind, the voice of mystery needs love.