22 December 2009


Moon Day

What makes sense to one person does not always have to make sense to someone else and his or her sane conversations. If you change your mind, and stop to listen to the voice, your surprise will be what you have heard. To some, meditation can be religion, a place of mental somber solitude, to solace by none, but you do not need believe that everyone can hear everything. Hearing is the perception that happens when someone tries to listen or when someone asks another to speak, through verbal or empathic communication.

Deus Day

Among the chaos of mannerist and verbal cues, when you refuse to hear the other person, the debate is over, and you will just be in a shouting match. Communication is the tie that binds, its opposite whereto the learning takes place in a perfect environment is teaching. Listening is the action the person takes consciously to try to hear something amongst heaven on earth.

Odin's Day

Listening is what you do all the time. You only hear what you want to hear, as much as those who are philosophers analyze every statement for truth. The catalyst is those who are not, repeating erroneous sayings they have heard. Some people read minds, hear voices, see spirits or tell the greatest of tales, and there are those who repeat the erroneous babble of lunatics and mad folk.

Thor's Day

If you change your mind, and stop to listen, some people can see their future, in dreams or not. Some of us can read minds, but not until they are older. An underdeveloped, overlooked sense of the vessel. Others have the ability to see and experience the supernatural. In both cases, the knowledge of the sage is in need of these spirits and communication to another to understand these things. Solitude and power will have put one beyond their era. There is no moon without a sun nor hammer without anvil.

Free Day

Beyond thinking, is an incomprehensible answer for all that does exist. Beyond the thinking that everything must have an answer, is the common oppression that everything must have a solution. We cannot daydream the power to comprehend the thoughts of others, such is a faithful trait that comes with aged confusion, and power beyond your wildest dreams. The answers do not come automatically right now. Some answers are yes, some answers are no and some answers have no set schedule.

Sater's Day

One cannot say one of something without thinking of solidarity, in order to protect one's sanity. In our better persuasions, we think in colors and incomplete thoughts, such is the way we utilize our memory for creativity. Our memory of our past will redirect our future, taking our dreams and turning them into reality is impressive by any regards of those who replenish themselves.

Sun Day

You will need facts, proof and testimony and may the energy we receive from it emulsify, go towards blasphemy. Success is superior in civilized times, as much as fate. Everything you do begins with a thought, albeit within the normal guidelines of society & the laws of nature, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.