22 December 2009


Moon Day

Beliefs in an afterlife persona, the worldly ones we are busily being now, end with death or shortly thereafter. At all costs, honestly corrupt and protect the rights of the people of the moon when it is convenient among celestial light. Fear the evil empire when they take you from the streets.

Deus Day

The higher self that is your soul forever waiting is timelessly eternal, and is many different people at once. The people are half-full of tidings and half empty of ambition as their boundaries have more thieves and politicians than light set afire. Question the actions of our leaders, but do not waste your precious breath on corruption and faceless politics.

Odin's Day

We over think and over analyze than we must be searching the opportunity to understand why our conveyance is motivated because we are the wanton parts of fiascoes and conspiracies. Little by little, the stars are taking more than their share from the bars of holy prisoners, the people are endorsing the movement, and will eventually become slaves to the financiers, who will fund a war of the titans, and profit from loss. Operating, Investing and Financing are income activities, which can be only deciduous by depreciation.

Thor's Day

If you want conformity, find how to be analogue, avoid the hate machine. Cleaning the field of those who in one way or another despite their efforts are feeding the fire and will perish in one fell swoop of the Odin's ravens. The future outcome from environmental factors less seen by those who explore and only proven by those that survives.

Free Day

The truth will set you free, the liars will tell you what truth is and today, liars hate liars, cheats hate cheats, and thieves hate thieves. Provoked by treason, defeated by finance, and erased by history, reborn by reason our spirits in arrogance are hatreds, in pride called teamwork. They leave you stay, the perfection of the old ways will always be detested because of prevalence by those who are declarative of fact about those who cannot afford immediate assumption. Walk softly with accord toward any resolution, but do not tempt a fate that cannot answer.

Sater's Day

Once the public finishes idolizing the ones they envy most they begin to become one evil trait or another. We are less than ten percent survivors and traitors, but if to consider the halves of nobility, we are three of every four of planetary total. Volatility reaches into the mind with exhaustion when temperance flares.

Sun Day

People forget what freedom is when forgotten prosperity honesty and success cause the rebellion to have more facts in their debates than the bureaucrats have throughout their lifespan. To consider the odd and other sort we are closer to the goal than ever. Follow only leaders that know where they are going, and never uphill, due process allows you only one race, and it will disappoint if it is to be the race to the beginning.