21 December 2009

A decade in balance

global warming was caused by the politicians of the world burning money. when it got warmer, more rain and snow came, the worst of which came at the very end of the decade, the ice caps returned, and the snow-caps replenished.

capitalism is the economy of society, this is the way. the opposite of capitalism is fascism not socialism. some-people have told me that i will be a minority soon, but i wonder how since there's nearly 7 billion people today.

myself, Ive been working on a story called Merlin, as you may know, a story i started telling 12 years ago, but recently restarted. copyright occurs the moment you write something, so i post it here. I've lead myself to believe, in my solitude, that im psychic and people are simple, yes that involves you? Ive been writing the summaries and rough drafts for a few ideas a week, i havent posted them all here as of yet because im working on the novel aspect of writing along short stories that dont fit the timeline and occasional blog-rants such as this.

im going to school for another 2 years, but for another associates of applied sciences degree. last one i had 3.something, and so far after four classes of this one, i have a 4.0 aren't you proud. and i did all of this while listening to heavy metal so go fuck your own rap-hick ass. though you may think you do not know me, i am a reputable if not often respected authority for myself and others.

through various opportunities, and several counts of lunacy, i have seized a chance to be informative to the powerful minds of my time, and in fact have left a compendium of writings for the people of time to come, for the future of the race.

Ive attempted an educational-informative candid humorous breech of information into the general public, and if not oft provided works of a personal literary composition to prompt choice and independent thought from what i can only imagine to be called my following, but with a scarcity of opposition, i fear an imbalance to the natural flow of information. with this bias weighing on my consciousness, i have spoken what i can and will continue to, to provide an outside view of the truth that only time can provide, alongside my personal works/writings. to stand the test of time. which i think is full of awesome accounts of literature and theology, except the poetry.

the politicians have justified economic collapse and contradictory logic. they cant consider themselves socialist because they believe it to be a bad idea. they label others as pawns of special interests, justifying redistribution of honest wages on the premise that it will be spread equally with a rhetoric of equality acceptance. this is the norm for both sides of the sociopathic / sociopolitical spectrum and have indebted our children, forsaking even their own personal socialist special interest services or agendas. all of this while abusive dictators condemn socialism, but demand charity. if its not hard its not worth doing, even if that means teaching people right from wrong.

Africa's impoverished countries eat bush-meat and haven't adapted to cattle, war with themselves in the name of genocide, oil, drugs and diamonds. other poor nations put soil with their food. trees are cut in a wasteful sight, that's the profiteering i abhor. religious fanatics still fight to have control of tyranny, and people. they allow the abuse by dictators to continue, disallowing suffrage, literacy and in some places alcohol (if you can imagine). china is still hard-lined communist, and criminalizes free-market economics. come on china, 6000 yrs, stop being shitfaces, and its poverty stricken people can fill other entire countries.

Australia has marsupials and plans to kill a million camels a year that thrive in the outback and ruin the fragile ecosystem and yet no one likes to eat camel.

Europe is a boon to English words and freaky porn. it also has this thing called an antihate speech laws, so you have freedom of speech unless you offend someone, than watch the fuck out, and so i think the name Europe offends me and you should name it to USA2, fix it. not to mention the Muslims there are writhing with that much freedom and are crying for separatism / secession and segregation in many places.

Russia is sort of like Alaska, but not in English. i havent heard from Russia in ages, but they used to play hockey, require passports and visa's, but i did hear they got themselves a president, and a prime minister, and it is believed to be mafia related.

The United States got it's first American president. Canada, is sorta family, sohz i cant say anything bad, but they have french ghettos, and i thought the Britons killed those things along time ago. USA is filling with the complacent, and you now have superpowers, return to your television. Mexico has workers and no morals more and more, is filling with its own drugs and southern drugs from countries that look like the dark ages, full of cannibals and neon soccer tweeker drug-running separatist nationalist invaders that often don't choose to converge if illiterate. But from the south comes a metal uprising, musically as Americans. north and south, blend their distinct cultures it is presumed music will hold them together. South American violence is rising, and poverty of its civilization is in many cases separated by force.

war,....has its own television channel. omg, a lot of war. but on the bright side, yoga is making a comeback. the internet which i thought was older than recorded history, in past and future lives in multiple dimensions and realities sees a massive interest taken by people in just the past ten years. luckily im a computer major in school, and that job market is on the rise, cool huh? countries that despise the united states, a cultural melting pot of the best and the brightest of all skills, for its decadence, are gaining grounds in literacy and clean living environments, and soon it is believed that most countries will frown upon cousin fucking. lol. religion is still here, but how could it not be, how fucking close to war is that?