01 July 2009

nine more than nine

in fire you serve
with the dead outside your window
you must never close your doors
join them in the market place of the beasts
the undertaker shall take the axe
two kingdoms become one as they conjoin
where are all the words
from this place toward better angles
and not speaking
to the demons in my mind
as i sit they wait and toil
fallen from heaven
gently rested on the field
with an unseen hand
to give amazement
games that become games
to the caretaker
a better judgment
made with better company
a loneliness
that will never leave my soul
lowliness of
false prophets and lenders
seek ye the light of the lord
in the halls of war
have it your reliefs and countenance
does the sky shake below the pounded ground
or does it cry as you tear the fertile earth
troglodytes tearing themselves
apart for food
symptomatic of
a fledgling bureaucracy
the vampires tear apart
the wolves and their long faces
to avoid the treachery
and insolence of the dogs
lantern jaw
will you work for free
one in ten they are of every problem
as the warrior walks in
the poet asks
why his face is so long
i've never laughed harder
is it to reach the forbidden fruit
all the better
it takes countless years
to appreciate the dead
and even longer
to convince them of the heat
is there a difference between
the poet and warrior
the latter has the question
to discern the separation
between sympathy and efficiency
they must have their uses
since i cannot count but one
i call them the old race
for they are dying
destruction and anarchy
the letters weep
should the fire be taken to heaven
for the laws to be written
the souls from hell are saved
as the fire cleans the air
and i sit writing to you
not knowing where you are
with another
tale not to long from now
could you ever be so pale
in attempting to be fair
cross with
corrosive games
of wizards and men
proof of the darkness
heavier than time
and complacency of loneliness