01 July 2009

have gun, will travel

i'm starting to believe that the world is full of hix thriving on nonstop gossip and despotism. the media thrives on scandal and slander, if it, the outlet of information, were forced to report on truth and consequence what would it do, what would happen?

we become constantly blinded through throes of debates on who should provide for us, the providers or the protectors, when in reality, we should be asking to provide for ourselves and avoiding despicable and egregious charities as well as avoiding the welfare system, capitalism unfortunately leaves behind itself in a trail of users and abusers. In the medias outlet choice of who should provide healthcare, the employer or the state, or that is the state super structure the federal government, the people should have thier own healthcare. we buy our own house, car and life insurance and the companies that provide them offer what is called competitive prices.

the medical industry is more of a pharmaceutical industry from its inception into your childrens hearts, offering simple solutions which entail adverse reactions to experimental solutions. it offers a sedative of conscious common sense solutions instead of preventative measures, nourishment and nutrition, albeit stringing along our health painfully medicated and cost ineffective.

in the center of the problem lies a strange society as a whole. outcropping its resources as it commercialises and when supplies run out prices become extortion methods to our already economic situation of fear and remorse. An example of this per se, could be cutting all of the trees for commercial paper, charging an exorbitant amount of money for the last page, firing every worker between the first and the last to compensate for lost revenue, all while forgetting that no one would be here to write anything down because of a lack of oxygen.

our air, should be clean. our land should be beautiful, our skies should be blue, an increase in carbon dioxide would constitute a flourishment of flora on the globe throughout, such things we learn as early as primary school, yet an increase in carbon is turning out to be an increase in taxes instead of the lesser of the economic crippling effects.

and on to the president. no new taxes below 350, no 250, no 215 thousand a year and yet a cap and trade would tax every one available, a health care reform plan would tax the unborn, and the extreme amount of money being printed will make everyone millionaires, still unable to afford the simplest and just of things. and the idea of anyone who is unable to see the logic in ethical commitments to society, unable to appreciate an honest days work, and wants to complain, and unions i mostly blame you, can have their hands put out and the politicians will sprinkle magick fairy money in the palms of their hands. If you're not bored enough yet, he promised not to have lobbyists in his administration and has almost count them, 20, so called czars, officials in charge of our country's affairs, each from separate lobbying interests. all of this chalks him up to be a liar. not to worry i fell for it as well.

jobs are fewer and farther between. semesters are worth months of salary, student loans are often more than salary can afford, and schools are being shut down and/or deprived of funding.
business is cutting costs as employees are cutting limbs as taxes are rising in state and federal areas for both employer and employee as well as shipping costs across the world.

i can say that i'm ready for this but i thought the power was going to go off first. i always had that dream from the "left behind" book series where you wake up one morning and the world was gone. no power, no people, only their toys. they made a movie about it, the character gets to play the saxophone in the streets before finding the remaining 1% of the earths original population. and of the dead, thier bodies are there, and that's what makes it similar to today. everyone is here and no one is doing anything.