05 July 2009

if but not where

the night is short at this time of the year,
vikings do it in the dark
that is the life kings do
you are addicted to your racism neurosis
religion is an aspect of judgmental disposition you drunken monkeys
Socialism is for everyone of the socialist pricks yeah
and then that means the world is full of trailer trash?
i can say they are already here and i am cubic
the number of vikings that give a fuck about the desert rats are none
die fascist until you regret I'm an American
die and do not push your hatred on me
i am gods friend as well as i am yours
die fascists die, until your spawn can accept all life
until you do i have the life rune
with arms in the air, a running life
i take breaths of winter rivers at night
and intend to war with sharks
i will sleep on the mountain that birthed your so called god
you can find me, i am the color of the silk you walk on
as you argue with idolaters about times long past
and the truths about characters
in a play that you've never seen
you've taken your law as ethnic privilege
above the law of the land you live
a land that puts opinions to silence as if they were felonious
i don't think the new amish would allow oppression
by those who exist out of necessity
clamoring for your place in a world like grasshoppers in the fall
begging army ants for socialism and communism
and problems that are appealing to hasty aggregation
i give up politics and take up religion
but i know that if you're not religious
you're simply and just political
and if you're not a friend, than you're family
but their parents raised them into their faith, into your faith
take your abuse and turn it on the ash fault
i am soul light of the house of memories
and i wish to bury the scholars
and bring down heaven for its support
the money is worthless, before its spent
and the masters hire labor for slavery
and not endured time for every red cent
i reject your reality, and substitute my own
it causes my one vision to have any fate
as i go to learn, what i cannot forget