10 May 2016

Misappropriated Requisition

A political cartoon, a warrior of the times guarding the chalk outline where someone once rested, holding a sign that reads "private property".

I had no choice to respond to this with equal force, to imagine things the right way instead of the errors of reality, or simulation of imagination.

There are all the dreams of humanity, the combinations of obligations, facetiousness, and consideration, all of which are subject to a reigning future.

While the admittance to powerlessness, a river of raindrops and temporary peace, despite opportunity to forget there are some who remember to persevere, into independence, into complicity.

To error is the way of forgetfulness, comparative to crimes of the self, that is to say that we cannot be contrived, but in the manner one endangered animal in a specialized refuge can, for perhaps, become fifty-thousand apex animals, which new arrangements much be made, how wonderful this thought is that entire planets, if not entire galaxies, could be creations in order to let humanity do what it finds natural.

That someone could think that space guarded by the living is not theirs is not inaction, it is activity to avoid a bad feeling, to change for but the sake.

I fear it is a sick many of minds that release the dead like captured pieces no longer exploitable, this is true in unnecessary detested plagues, these are the trivialities of the manipulated truths.

The creationist makes their creations, and the revolutionists continue to misunderstand, without cause to learn the truth of the momentum, which one can block if possible as many can if available it seems, but not understanding ownership a delusion acts in their stead.

If is not property, how can it be taken; if believed that property is wrong, then how are amenities confiscated under confiscation; if property is communal, how is a political body a requirement?

There are clear mistakes alongside trepidation of leadership, those that sign themselves to service and those that assign themselves to charity, these are the many things that fight to control a line that isn't there.

The dependency on dependents, a state requires people that require a state, a redundancy of speculation surrounded by its own gravity, a people require certainties, where the universe does not cease outside of the vacuum.

I cannot follow if I cannot lead, screaming for a challenger, were I to take league with weakness I would make agency of theft, not stronger than the meek, not weaker than my false desires, and soon to insanity I could redirect what I cannot see nor imagine while being blind to the world.

To more the merrier whom can make peace like the sunlight, to surety that less have contributed more than others, while sounding as the fray are oft to do, which hidden in their individualism as a collectivist, find it hard to allow property if they themselves are not property of a collective.

It is not a collective because we begin at different moments in time, as often a pool of blood spills from a single wound, humanity spills across time from its end to beginning, even perhaps in reverse, a gathering of the deathless and the truth of the living.

Al hambre de siete dias, no hay pan duro.

~ proverbio espaƱol