21 November 2013

Lyric Subtlety

"Le Madeyoulook"
Raining Blood Lyrics - Slayer:

Every time I hear "Raining Blood" by Slayer, "Trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object, alive, awaiting reprisal, death will be their acquisition."

Yes, this is another obsessive blogger entry. No, I cannot read your mind on demand when you are unfocused, and that would be cheating regardless.

What I hear the singer say, is, "death will be their quittance." If you're a grammar fiend, like me, you know the two words are different and still very similar, a remuneration is transferred in both, so kudos to the internet, or cloud, or technological singularity - resistance is futile. I recently heard English has the most words, passive or active, twice as many as the next language, maybe even after ignoring loan-words. So, worried, I would be, heretofore, in the damnedest with only a dearth of locutions, I will have had anon begun learning a second language, to learn the wroth and loth and ire and besot of poesy in another prose...
...si querer, tiene que recordar,
si di que si, queres tiene que entienda....
I thought y'all would find this interesting, I was looking for a Medieval English version of "quittance" when I found this. Very telling, ....the truth about the quitter.

Circa "1150AD to 1580AD," said the web addy for: 
Quitter, sb. filth that runs from a wound, HD: quytur, rottenness, HD; quytere, W2; quitture, DG. (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/10625/10625-h/dict2.html)
Oh look, here we go.... 1,000 A.D.
Quyten, v. to requite, repay, settle, satisfy, S2, C2, C3, PP, W, H; quiten, S2, PP; quitte, pt. s. G; qwit, H; quyt, pp., PP; y-quit, C2.—OF. quiter; Late Lat. quietare.
Perhaps you're a 1,200 A.D. kind of crowd...
quittance (n.)
c.1200, "payment, compensation;" c.1300, "discharge from an obligation," from Old French quitance (Modern French quittance), from quiter (see quit (v.)).

That of "take revenge; to answer, retort" and "to acquit oneself" are late 14c.
Quitter, above states is a filth that pays itself, successful people have been saying it, and I'm inclined to agree. Let's not forget this now gives new meaning to the computer term "Force Quit," considering this column began with a Slayer's Raining Blood, rederpless, I am quit of this.

For my longtime readers, the new modes of my madness:
M, magic, -twenty+ to Four
NT, main cast, alien invaders, maybe some accidental time travel
BH, iambic interstellar detective cop, rare (bored I changed the character to chick)
G, intentional time travel, first person
O/H+, new, not just for me, but new altogether, post-humanism intergalactic technocracy fiction, first chapter in coming weeks/months, I've seen it already, but I think you'll like it, spoilers, and an eventual crossover with others in reverse order. 

Requiem en pace. Godspeed. 

"All goes wrong when, starved for lack of anything good in their own lives, men turn to public affairs"  Plato