23 November 2013

"Architectural Genetics"

Excerpted from, "Destruction Through Technological Progress" 
"...we must look at our origins, and find new ways to establish extropy, the genesis of our apotheosis will be our apotheogenesis, now is time for neolution, we must both join and become the singularity..."  ~ Drs. Walter Bishop and William Bell.

So you're on a deep-space transport from the Privada system to the Valor Prisma system and you need something new to read, maybe you should datagram something from the Technocracy Genre, because your fellow pilots have told you so much about it and now that you've been released from Picor (Pilot Corp) and have the free time, but you don't know what it is, well let me try to summarize it and let you on your way.   

Technocracy, is not cyberpunk, but a subset of the genre, told from the perspective of the cyborgs ("Intelligence" CBS), androids ("Almost Human" FOX), singularity-and-humans ("Person of Interest" CBS), [and in part, characters designated 'Observers' in one of my favorites "Fringe" FOX], etc. The prior defining adaption, thereof nature, and the latter defining adoption, thereof nurture.

Whereas cyberpunk often depicts humans coping within evolving technology as detectives and journalists in noire settings, complete with fascist governments or decaying corporate-commercial societies being destroyed/saved by entrepreneurs, instead the technocracy genre focuses on the survival of the technocrats in regard to society en masse, as opposed to its levy.

In other words, an antihero (tritagonist) aberration, not a rebellion, as necessity invokes invention, invention in this case necessitates a fear within the antagonist(s). Readers of this genre (and any other liberally applied fiction) should examine the consequences and apprehend how humanity is defined when it is abandoned in and of itself.